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    Andy Hemingway Light Painting II
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Andy Hemingway Light Painting II

Our appreciation for light painting is always growing– as is the photographic talent of Andy Hemingway.  We first covered Andy Hemingway’s light graffiti in May of 2011, and we’re thrilled to see more work out of this light painting artist  Hemingway has continued to develop his skill and his collection of tools, both of which are reflected in his recent artistic advancement.  The new work by Hemingway is more vivid and assertive than his prior works, clearly reflected in the image above.  Noticeable in the new set is the inclusion of subjects in action and the use of off-camera flash.  The result is a clear sign of progress for an artist we already enjoyed quite deeply in May of 2011.  Nice work, Mr. Hemingway, keep it up!

Andy Hemingway Light Painting Gallery