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    Discovering the Irish Origin of the Jameson Story
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Discovering the Irish Origin of the Jameson Story

If you’re here on TheCoolist, you know it’s our job to tell stories. Stories about amazing architecture, like the Sustainable Treehouse we covered this week. Stories about some of the most revered classic cars in history, like this 1948 Buick Streamliner whose curves inspire poetry. Beyond these stories we tell, about subjects old and new, we’re occasionally invited to listen to the stories of some pretty iconic brands. Our dear friends at Jameson have done precisely this– they’ve invited us to Ireland to listen, to study and to savor the Jameson story in person. And we couldn’t be more excited…

This week, we’re heading to Ireland to visit the Jameson distillery in Midleton and to spend St. Patrick’s Day in the pubs of Dublin. We’ll learn firsthand about the process and the people behind every bottle of Jameson, and the story they sew into its spirit. We’d invite you to join us directly if we could, but we’ll be sharing our experience of these #JamesonStories on facebook and twitter throughout the trip. Look for rich images of the colors, people and places of Ireland. Look for anecdotes and little gems we pick up along the way. In the mean time, we invite you to join along from the pub of your choice on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We’ll raise a glass to you if you do the same back at home.

For now, our friends at Jameson were kind enough to send us a little welcome gift to precede our trip. How cool is that? We carefully un-boxed it and snapped some photos to share just how excited we are about the trip. We’re sorry we can’t invite you along, but we’ll do our best to share the story firsthand. Slainte, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!





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