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Bandit9 Nero MKII

Sex on wheels, this one.  The moto masters at Bandit9 have officially revealed the latest in their fleet, the Bandit9 Nero MKII.  The new Nero is as much a work of architecture as it is custom engineering, showing off geometric forms from tank to tail.  The naked, exposed suspension and curvy exhausts add to its architectural appeal, with every single inch entirely absent of color.  That paint job features its own kind of black, a sharp-and-flat color of Bandit9’s own creation.  Altogether, the Bandit9 Nero MKII is a brilliantly conceived and executed custom motorcycle.

The Nero MKII is available directly from Bandit9, who can ship anywhere from their Beijing HQ.  Bandit9 are only offering nine of the new Nero, available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Then it’s up to you whether you want to ride it or encase it in glass and just stare.  Hey, you can always do a bit of both…

Bandit9 Nero MKII 1

Bandit9 Nero MKII 7

Bandit9 Nero MKII 2

Bandit9 Nero MKII 6

Bandit9 Nero MKII 10

Bandit9 Nero MKII | Gallery

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