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    This Cool, Race-Ready Classic Jag Can Be Yours for Six Figures
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This Cool, Race-Ready Classic Jag Can Be Yours for Six Figures

Timeless. In 66 years, this 1949 Jaguar XK120 Alloy Roadster hasn’t aged a day. That isn’t a fluke or a some strange natural occurrence — this Jag has been carefully maintained by a series of loving custodians. It stands now with the same quality and appeal as the day it rolled off of the factory floor, a special Jaguar then, a special Jaguar now. This 1949 XK120 is heading toward the auction block in Amelia Island, Florida in March, where it will fetch a six figure sum for its current owner. Its buyer will depart with one of the finest vintage Jaguars in existence today, but this one is far more than a collector’s item.

In recent years, this 1949 Jaguar XK120 hasn’t just been stuffed in a glass box for a private owner to peer at. It’s not been relegated to short, Sunday drives either. This Jaguar has been put through its paces on the historic racing circuit at Lime Rock, Louden Raceway and elsewhere around New England. It continues to enjoy the spirit of the race, being put to the test and then carefully maintained after each use. The next lucky owner will be welcome to treat it the same.

Under the hood, the XK120 Alloy Roadster sports a 300-horsepower inline six engine. That’s a lot of power for a car of this model year, which speaks to its appeal when it was first introduced. It’s one of 242 of the Alloy Roadster versions produced by Jaguar, and it’s tough to say how many others exist in a condition like this. It’s been refinished in the correct Battleship Grey exterior color with details like a fine leather hood strap and that matches the interior.

The interior is pretty swank for a performance car like this. It features a leather and suede upholstery job with bucket seats, a wooden steering wheel and a bold brass logo facing the driver from the steering column. It is as classy as they come, but as powerful as they made ’em back in 1949.

The 1949 Jaguar XK120 Alloy Roadster will be available for auction at the RM Auctions Amelia Island event in March. It’s likely to fetch low-to-mid six-figure pricing at auction, a far cry from the $4,000 price tag it had back in ’49…

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