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    Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Essence
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Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Essence

BeoSound Essence – At this point, every modern home features a device that is connected to a massive collection of music.  A desktop computer, an iPhone or a current-gen gaming console can all connect to the cloud, allowing constant streams of music from personal libraries and internet radio alike.  One element often missing from this equation is control– a way to interact with the available music without sitting at your desktop, pulling out your iPhone or turning on your console controller.  Fans of Bang and Olufsen now have their own option, the Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Essence, a one-touch hardware controller for musical management.

The new Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Essence, just revealed at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, is a one-touch controller designed to interact with digital libraries of music.  It wirelessly integrates with an included base station that connects to your audio receiver for playback on your home speakers.   The business end, this attractive little aluminum wheel-shaped device, can be mounted on a wall or set on a coffee table or kept anywhere you wish to have control over your music at home.  One touch turns the system on, another allows the user to scroll between songs or stations, to lower or increase volume or mute the system altogether.  It’s a stylish, elegant little solution from the makers of stylish, elegant audio systems for contemporary homes.

The Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Essence will begin shipping in April, 2014 for $995.

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