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    The Beam Smart Projector / Light Bulb Hybrid Promises a Handy Screen Anywhere at Home
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The Beam Smart Projector / Light Bulb Hybrid Promises a Handy Screen Anywhere at Home

It’s easy to be skeptical at first. The thought of a smart projector in a light socket didn’t quite reinvent the light bulb. Okay, maybe it did? The Beam Smart Projector is a socket-based display system that fits into just about any light socket in your home. It projects a screen from your mobile device onto the surface of your choice. The dining table, the bedroom wall, even the refrigerator. It provides a large, shareable screen for friends and family, or an easily viewable alternative to your mobile device.

The Beam smart projector connects to your mobile device or tablet via WiFi or Bluetooth. It fits into any standard light socket, be it a pendant light from above, a desk lamp or a socket-on-a-string for directional projecting. It draws power from the socket, and in downtime, it can act as a standard LED bulb.

How would Beam work in the typical home? Imagine you and a friend or family member sitting at a dining table, playing chess on a screen displayed right on the table’s surface. Not a fan of chess? you can play any Android or iOS game on the market, powered by the phone and projected down onto the table from the Beam projector. Beyond the dining table, Beam could be an alarm clock in the morning, projecting news and weather next to your nightstand. It could act as an always-on display of your current mobile desktop. It can project recipes down on to your cutting board or onto your refrigerator. The possibilities are only limited by the flexibility of your socket cord.

The Beam Smart Projector is currently available for funding on Kickstarter. It has smashed its goal of $200,000 with $421,000 and counting. With 28 days of funding left, you can still join in to secure your own Beam for its initial shipping date in October. The price for that is $399 with a fabric cable and socket as shown in the image below.

Beam Smart Projector by Beam Labs  2 Beam Smart Projector by Beam Labs  4 Beam Smart Projector by Beam Labs 5

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