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    11 Best Airbnbs in Maine for a Magnificent Coastal Getaway
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11 Best Airbnbs in Maine for a Magnificent Coastal Getaway

Maine has it all, from abundant biking and hiking trails, rocky shores to the unique lake, mountain, and ocean attractions. The state has an outdoor rich culture being home to 3,000 miles of coastline and massive forest cover.

What is more, there is plenty of great accommodation for a conveniently relaxing vacation any time of the year. Some of the best abodes in this region are the Airbnbs in Maine.

Probably The Best Airbnbs in Maine

Its water might be a tad cold, but the Airbnb Maine cottages are warm, exquisite, and the food comes fresh from the farm. Come to Maine for a refreshing and quiet getaway on the East Coast and stay in one of these charming Airbnb properties below.

1. The Carbon Free Treehouse Airbnb in Maine

The Carbon Free Treehouse Airbnb in Maine

Over 90% of Maine is forest. Here the ocean, lakes, and mountains begin where the trees end. It is an excellent outdoor Mecca, allowing you to get away or unplug in the unspoiled woodlands. You can go off-grid in a mountain yurt, a tiny cottage, or in a treehouse right in the middle of the forest, such as the Canopy Treehouse.

This hidden gem is a 350 square feet tiny home in the forest, perfectly blending the features and convenience of a hotel and the forest’s serenity. The Carbon-Free Treehouse is eco-luxury made in the finest wood and with excellent detailing. It relies on solar and wind power for heating to keep it carbon neutral. The house is built using reclaimed and recycled items. As an illustration, its beautiful century-old pine floors are reclaimed wood.

The lighting inside the treehouse is bright and natural, thanks to the house’s large and many windows. This quiet spot can host four guests in its sleeping pod and loft areas with super comfy two queen-sized beds. The house has the amenities that you need to make a gourmet spread. There’s a full kitchen with an oven, refrigerator, stove, and coffeemaker.

It has a full bathroom with a view and a custom shower. This Airbnb Maine star attractions, however, are outdoors. While the treehouse has lots of indoor luxury, the outdoor hot tub will beckon you. You can spend hours on the sunlit deck or take a short walk to Littlefield Pond and go kayaking or fishing. The forest around the treehouse has many hiking trails.

$395/ night

2. Lakefront Airbnb Cottage on Graham Lake in Maine

Lakefront Airbnb Cottage on Graham Lake in Maine

The little cottage nestled by a lake is part of a larger farm. The waterfront space offers splendid views of the sunsets over the lake and is miles of walking and hiking paths. On the lake, there are two canoes for its Airbnb guests. Go fishing, kayaking, or simply relax by the lake.

One excellent selling point of this cottage is its proximity to Acadia National Park, Bangor, Downeast Sunrise tracks for ATVs, and Bar Harbor. Make your visit to Acadia a day trip and enjoy Maine’s highlights in one central location. There is the stoic coastline, rustic rural landscapes, and tiny fishing villages to savor.

The quaint two-bedroom cottage can hold five guests at a go. One of its bedrooms has a queen bed and a play baby bed. The other bedroom has single and double cozy beds. The kitchen is well equipped, and you will have everything to make excellent meals. We are talking about many appliances and cooking utensils.

The cabin is toasty for winter relaxation too. Sit by the tiny house’s patio and make some BBQ over the grill provided. There is also a fire pit and a beautiful garden to enjoy.

$65/ night

3. Ocean Front Heaven in Maine

Ocean Front Heaven in Maine

This oceanfront space might be small, but it makes up for it with to die for views. It’s a little slice of paradise right by the coast of Maine. Resting on the dock, you can sit by its windows and enjoy the ocean-scape.

The area has a low tide beach that you can retreat into and a high tide area for swimming. Sit by its private deck and enjoy the waves that lap the nearby ledge. The cottage has a two-guest capacity. It has all the amenities you need to enjoy your quiet getaway, including a well-equipped kitchenette and a bathroom with a full shower.

Should you crave more of the outdoors, walk to the dock near the cottage and go kayaking or boating. You can also visit other sites or sit by the beach and enjoy bird watching. There are many ospreys, kingfishers, seagulls, eagles and cormorants, that frequent the area.

4. Cozy Airbnb Maine Cottage- Close to Park & Harbor

Cozy Airbnb Maine Cottage- Close to Park & Harbor

This rustic cottage straight out of a fairy tale book sits at the end of a dirt track along Birch Point Road. Farms, new and old surround it, so you will see lots of farm animals and forest dwellers. The area is home to L.L. Bean and the Adventure Schools of L.L. Bean. The cozy cabin is a two-person space, with a plush queen bed and a half bathroom.

There is a small kitchenette with an induction cooktop, bar refrigerator, and a microwave. You will find an eclectic mix of soda and beer from prior guests in the fridge. Have some and leave behind a few of your stuff for the pleasure of other visitors.

The cabin’s interior design is artsy with lots of original art on the walls, but its pièce de résistance is the kitchen’s rustic copper sink. The cabin has idyllic sunset over the water views. You can access some excellent hiking trails from here. Bradbury Mountain is a short 15 minutes away.

The host welcomes you to Bailiwick Cottage in winter. You can stay in and enjoy the whimsical view of falling snow in the woods since the cabin has a heat pump and insulation. It is also the perfect time to indulge in the Freeport area’s winter fun, so bring along your outdoor gear.

The thoughtful host has added some thoughtful, personal touches to the cottage, such as leaving a pair of binoculars by the windowsill for bird watching.

$120/ night

5. Tall Pines Airbnb in Maine

Tall Pines Airbnb in Maine

One of the best Airbnb Maine cottages, this spacious jewel sits by the edge of Papoose Pond. The little lake on Waterford’s northeast corner is scenic and a prime spot for white perch, black crappie, largemouth bass, and chain pickerel angling. The pond has brook trout and salmon coming in from the pond’s connection with Crooked River in the winter.

The cottage provides tranquility and is close to the scenic White Mountains. The classic cottage is sizeable and can host six guests. It has three bedrooms, a full bath, and a bathroom with a hot shower. Spend your time by the lake, in a boat, or by the cottage’s wood stove, reading a book. You can also take a short hike to the ledge of Mount Tire’m, which offers excellent views of the area.

$120/ night

6. Downtown Modern Airbnb Hideaway

Downtown Modern Airbnb Hideaway

The Downtown Hideaway Studio is an Airbnb Maine staycation spot with some of the best stay at home amenities. The modern getaway is only a walk away from downtown Brunswick. A five minutes’ walk should have you in the supermarket or train station. A convenient escape, it offers lots of privacy and relaxation.

The clean and cozy space hosts three guests and has a double and sofa bed. The loft bed adds a level of uniqueness and interest to this space. Some of its amenities include a full kitchen, laundry, and a backyard. The backyard is private and hosts a hot tub.

$125/ night

7. Seaside Haven on Somes Sound

Seaside Haven on Somes Sound

There are many reasons Acadia is Maine’s top place to visit. Every visitor to Maine needs to dare the Precipice Trail or sit back and enjoy the sun as it rises over Cadillac Mountain. There are also lots of villages to visit and cuisine to sample in the area. If you want to experience the best of Acadia, book the Seaside Cottage on Somes Sound.

This idyllic paradise of the scenic Sargeant Drive is within the Acadia National Park, looking over Somes Sound. The fjard runs deep into Maine’s largest island, splitting it almost into two. It is a three guests cottage with one bedroom with a double bed and a sofa bed in the living room.

The living room has a half bathroom, while the bedroom has a full bathroom. Its kitchen is well equipped, and there is a lobster pot to keep you full. The exquisite house is an excellent romantic getaway with its nearest neighbor close to a mile away. Its deck overlooks Somes Sound, giving the property majestic sunset views.

The cottage is only a quick bike ride away from the busy Northeast Harbor. Get here and hop into a free bus drive across the island. It is a four seasons property, so you can visit it any time. There are swimming rocks to keep you busy in the outdoors and a yoga platform.

$364/ night

8. Beachside Airbnb Maine Cottage

Beachside Airbnb Maine Cottage

This property is large enough for a family looking for a vacation spot near the shore. It is a two-level cottage, with an open main floor, for entertaining, relaxation, and cooking. The cottage’s lower floor hosts two of its bedrooms with plush king, queen, and twin beds.

Hosting seven guests at a go, this Airbnb Maine beach cottage is a much better alternative than shared hotel rooms. Its laundry amenities are a lifesaver for a family with lots of laundry from little kid’s activities out on the shore.

The cottage is only 3 minutes away from Old Orchard Beach. The sandy beach is a welcoming venue with 7 miles of a playground. Toss Frisbees, take a nap, play football, or go out into the surf when the sun is shining and the tide low.

There are many activities at the adjacent amusement park and mini-golf. The cottage has a well-equipped kitchen with ample cooking gear and a food preparation bar, perfect for a large crowd.

$60/ night

9. Beachy New England Home

Beachy New England Home

This tastefully decorated hideout near the Androscoggin River will feel like a home away from home. It is an Airbnb Plus listing meaning that it has undergone vetting by a third-party inspector. Airbnb Plus offers the crème de la crème of shared homes displaying designer interiors, thoughtful amenities, and excellent style.

The beauty of the Beachy Bolthole is that it is affordable and expertly designed. It is a two-guest one-bedroom space with a splash of oceany white and turquoise. There are hints of seashell adorning its bright walls. This little gem will get you away from the town into the scenic beach and walking trails of the area, which you can get to after a short drive.

This property is close to a shopping area and restaurants as well. Spend your mornings and evenings chilling on the beautiful porch. The Beachy Bolthole has a well-equipped kitchenette and full bath.

$67/ night

10. The Reach Getaway

The Reach Getaway

The Reach Getaway is a gorgeous abode in Deer Isle. It is a two guest studio on the Eggemoggin Reach. Set on the upper floor of an isolated garage, the property is private, quiet, and cozy. It has a large king-size bed and a bathroom with a shower. There is a little kitchenette with ample basics. The Reach Retreat’s advantage is its proximity to the Maine rocky shores.

Grab a beverage and spend some time by the shore’s edge. The gracious hosts have kayaks on standby that you can explore the charming island on. The area is also rich in art galleries, shops, and restaurants, and there is a ton of outdoor activity awaiting you. Hike the trails, go sailing, or enjoy lobsters at Stonington. This island hideaway is a 1.5 hours’ drive from Acadia National Park.

$99/ night

11. Port City Airbnb Maine Nest

Port City Airbnb Maine Nest

The Port City Nest is ideal for travelers out for Maine’s urban experience. This Airbnb Maine property is a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Parkside, Portland. It has gorgeous architectural features accentuated by a cozy fireplace.

Its amenities include a full kitchen and a yoga room near its balcony. The hosts provide the meditation cushions, a foam roller, and mats. Its location is only a short walk from the Old Port, with many cafes, shops, and restaurants.

$114/ night


There you have it—some of the best Airbnb Maine vacation homes on the East Coast.

Find your perfect getaway and unplug.