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Drops of Delicious – 10 Best Drip Coffeemakers

Without coffee, morning is just night with sunshine. For some, the pre-work pass through their favorite drive through is daily routine, but for the rest of us, making our wake up juice at home is the only way we’re getting it. Drip coffee has gotten a bad name in the third wave of coffee, but this isn’t always fair. Drip brewers can make some of the best cups around, and it’s hard to judge too harshly a machine that can brew for you while you sleep.

Best drip coffee makers
Fancy machines are great, and we may consider any way to brew a better cup as a discovery to be celebrated along side gravity or penicillin, but the old standby holds its own, and every day is gaining ground with new and innovative machines that constantly improve on the taste and method of drip coffee.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Coffee Maker


The Hamilton Beach coffeemaker is a great design. Brewing 10 cups at a go, it then dispenses them one at a time into each individual mug, so even your second and third cups are as fresh and hot as your first. A two hour timer aids with energy conservation and prevents unused coffee from evaporating. 9 1/2 inches wide by 11 3/8 inches wide, and standing 14 1/2 inches high, the Hamilton Beach fits snugly on your counter top without eating up your cooking space. Purchase: $44

Cuisinart Brew Central


The Quisinart Brew Central coffeemaker provides you with 12 delicious cups of coffee at a time, to share with office mates or slurp down all on your own. A keep warm function continues heating the carafe after brewing has finished, while the three setting variable heater plate allows you to adjust the drinking temperature. A beep alert announces when brewing is done, while a handy light indicates when the time has come to clean your machine. Purchase: $90

BUNN BXB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Coffee Brewer

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The stainless steel hot water tank of the BUNN BXB Velocity brewer perfectly heats water to a 200 degree optimal brewing temperature, while a porcelain coated heating plate flips on and off so your coffee is warm only when you want it to be. The unique spray head ensures even coffee moisture and ideal brewing extraction, making 4-10 cups in as little as 3 minutes. 

Bonavita BV1900TS


Making 8 cups of coffee in a stainless steel carafe, the Bonavita BV1900TS is a fantastic choice for anyone in need of a good sturdy coffeemaker. A large shower head wets grounds gently and evenly, pairing with the flat bottomed U-shaped filter basket for ultimate saturation. Then the pre-infusion mode pauses to allow for blooming, enhancing the flavor of your coffee. SCAA certified, the Bonavita BV1900TS is a fantastic choice for any caffeine addict. Purchase: $180

Capresso MT600


The Capresso Coffee Team GS is aptly named, pairing a top notch coffee grinder with the ease and comfort of a drip coffeemaker. It’s no secret that grinding your coffee directly before brewing makes for a better cup of joe. Now with the Capresso Team, that fresh and delectable taste will be delivered automatically, any time you program your coffeemaker to brew. The grinder uses high quality conical burrs for a better grind, the 24-hour timer has LED display, and the brew pot comes complete with a permanent goldtone filter for waste free delicious coffee, any day of the week. Purchase: $190

KitchenAid Siphon Brewer


While siphon, or vacuum, brewing is it’s own unique corner of the coffee world, it works on the same principles as drip, with the grounds steeped above and draining into a pot below. Siphon brewing is as much an experience in itself as drinking the results when you’re done. At least one of these incredible devices had to make this list. The KitchenAid Siphon Brewer perfectly complements the unique method with a beautiful glass orb brewing pot that perfectly shows off the siphon process. The electric heater turns off automatically at the ideal heating temperature, ensuring that the velvety rich flavor of siphon coffee is captured at it’s best. For an easy introduction to siphon brewing, this is the machine of choice. Purchase: $200

Technivorm Moccamaster


Combining the classic delight of the pour over with the ease and automation of the drip coffee brewer, the Technivorm Moccamaster is right in line with having your cake and eating it too. A nine-hole spray head evenly wets grounds after your water is heated to 200 degrees by a copper element heater with dual safety guards, then the delectable liquid is drained into a classic glass carafe. Beautifully simple with the touch of a button, but with the flavorful punch of artisanal brewing. Purchase: $270

Behmor Brazen Plus


It is a well documented fact that temperature plays an important role in coffee optimization, and the Behmor Brazen takes facts very seriously. With separate settings for pre-soak and brew, home baristas can align their creation to their exact tastes. The temperature calibration is exact to within a single degree, and patent pending technology even adjusts for altitude. Not only is this machine exacting to the Nth, but it is also completely programmable, crafting your drink to your tastes on cue. Purchase: $280

Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT Coffee Maker


The Technivorm Moccamaster lives on the edge. A state of the art spray head wets grounds thoroughly from multiple points of contact, after heating your water over a high quality copper element boiler with a dual safety guard. The brew cycle completes in 5-6 minutes, but if you can’t wait even that long, a latching mechanism stops the brew drip if the carafe is removed, allowing you to fill your cup as soon as the java starts to flow. Purchase: $320

Brew Express BEC-110BS


Environment conscious, the Brew Express has many energy efficient earth saving features while producing a fine cup of steaming delicious, so you can feel good about your coffee in more ways than one. An IR sensor prevents overfilling and water waste, while the stainless steel carafe renders an electricity burning hot plate unnecessary. Combine this with an easy to service quick water connector and a programmable timer and this baby brews up a win in all departments. Purchase: $378