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    7 Best Mens Shorts Brands for Chic Summers (2023 Edition)
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7 Best Mens Shorts Brands for Chic Summers (2023 Edition)

Shorts are loved and hated by men in equal measure.

Some say they shouldn’t feature anywhere outside the tennis court. They contemptuously claim that shorts reduce men into boys. These are the men who are sworn enemies to shorts.

For others, shorts are the most appropriate summer wear for all their practicality and wearability: Shorts could be the missing link in your wardrobe for the warmer months. Match them well for the outdoors and see how they amaze.

Best Mens Shorts Brands

But that said, you shouldn’t be in shorts when going for a job interview. That’s a no. (We got you though, check out how to dress for an interview)

In this article, we’ll be examining the best men’s shorts brands. Afterwards we give fashion tips for men to wear shorts stylishly and comfortably, so stick around.

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The Best Men’s Shorts Brands

Many iconic brands continue to leave ripples on the fashion scene with innovative designs and timeless attire. These brands have consistently earned themselves a reputation for gifting us with some of the best shorts for men. The following are the best men’s shorts brands.

1. Nike

Involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of different footwear, apparel, and other equipment, Nike is a world-renowned brand.

Nike is particularly well known for its wide range of men’s sports shorts. From soccer, tennis, volleyball, to basketball, Nike shorts are designed to suit any sporting activity. These shorts are also ideal for casual wear.

The wide range of sporting gear featuring that iconic check earns it a place among the best men’s shorts brands.

Nike Men’s Dry Training Shorts

best mens shorts brands Nike Men's Dry Training Shorts

This pair of Nike training shorts are made from polyester employing state-of-the-art Dri-FIT technology. This is a sweat management technology that wicks sweat away from the skin to the fabric where it quickly evaporates. The technology ensures that the skin remains dry making the short suitable even during high-intensity sporting activities.

They have an elastic waistband and an internal drawstring providing for a personalized adjustable fit.

2. Levi’s

Levi’s clothing company is well known for its denim jeans, but apart from that, the company also has a wide range of men’s shorts made from denim as well as other fabrics. Levi’s is one of the best men’s shorts brands in the market today.

Let’s explore a couple of their best pieces.

Levi’s Carrier Cargo Short

best mens shorts brands Levi's Men's Carrier Cargo Short

These rugged Levi’s Carrier cargo shorts are a great pick for hiking adventures or even a weekend lounge at home. Made from 100% cotton and cut for a regular fit they offer comfort and ease of movement.

They have pockets built-in on the sides offering a convenient place to carry your phone or any other item that needs to be within quick reach. They are best combined with a good pair of sneakers for a stylish casual look. Do NOT try to dress these up, or we will judge you from afar.

Levi’s Men’s 569 Loose Straight Denim Shorts

best mens shorts brands Levi's Men's 569 Loose Straight Denim Shorts

No conversation about Levi’s is complete without mention of their hallmark denim products. And the 569 Shorts are emblematic of the quality and style the company is famous for.

This pair features a low waist and has comfortable room around the thighs. It is long enough for those uncomfortable showing off a lot of skin as it sits right below the knees. It has a modern, laid-back feel and can be worn in any event that is appropriate for casual attire.

3. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the best men’s shorts brands that offers a wide range of the best shorts for men. In the 1970s, Ralph Lauren played a great role in reviving US fashion with an assortment of polos, chinos, knitwear, and more.

They offer up-class shorts for multiple occasions, in a variety of patterns and colors.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Knit Sleep Shorts

best mens shorts brands Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Knit Sleep Shorts

Ralph Lauren’s men’s knit sleep shorts offer super comfort with a breathable 100% cotton fabric. They’re convenient to put on as they have an elastic drawstring front and an elastic waistband. Open pockets and a stylish design that encompasses tiny logo designs printed through the fabric make it one cute sleep short. They come in a variety of color combinations for your preference.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Relaxed Fit Cargo Shorts

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Relaxed Fit Cargo Shorts - best mens shorts brands

Polo Ralph Lauren’s cargo shorts are ideal for warm weather, and cut for a relaxed, comfortable fit. They’re a functional and stylish pair of men’s shorts that are a must-have for the modern man.

The short features six pockets for all your small personal belongings. A beautifully crafted signature Ralph Lauren logo completes the fashionable short brand.

4. Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials shows the best shorts brands don’t always have to be the ones with a high price tag. The main consideration should be the short’s construction and material quality, fit, and feel on the skin. 

Focused on creating affordable, high-quality, and long-lasting everyday clothing, Amazon Essentials provides a good alternative to the price-conscious yet stylish client.

Here are some solid suggestions.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Loose-Fit Performance Shorts

Amazon Essentials Men’s Loose-Fit

This 2-pack of lightweight shorts are made of 100% polyester which means they are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and quick to dry. They are designed to fit loosely for maximum comfort. Made for sportswear, they are light in weight with moisture-wicking properties.

The short has an internal drawstring to securely hold the short in place, allowing for a full range of motion. The closed-hole mesh throughout the fabric provides for breathability and leads to extra comfort.

They are ideal for use as workout, sports, or running shorts.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit 9″ Short

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit

Amazon Essentials’ range of of flat-front, Bermuda shorts are well made and great for the weekend, daytrips, or any other day that calls for wearing a good pair of shorts. Made of pure cotton, it offers supreme comfort during hot summer months.

They come in a wide array of colors providing you with a wide range to choose from.

5. J. Crew Shorts

Founded in 1947, and producing high-quality attire to this day, J. Crew earns a spot on the list of the best men’s shorts brands. The brand has grown over the years to become a renowned clothing retailer. They sell clothes under the J. Crew and Madewell brands, with the latter being a brand dedicated to women’s apparel.

J. Crew has a variety of men’s shorts ranging from summer shorts to khakis. The summer shorts are made of linen and are comfortable to wear during the hot months. Their khaki shorts are perfect casual wear suitable for everyday use.

Below are some of the best men’s shorts under the J. Crew brand.

J. Crew Mercantile Men’s Flat-Front Stretch Chino Short

J.Crew Mercantile Men's Flat-Front Stretch Chino

J. Crew Mercantile chino shorts are made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. The fabric contains just the right amount of stretch that makes it ideal to wear for walking or cycling. It also makes it comfortable on the skin even when engaging in physically strenuous tasks.

J. Crew Men’s Dock Short in Surfer Print

J.Crew Men’s Dock Short in Surfer Print

These J. Crew cotton dock shorts contain a cool surfer print that is appealing to the eyes from afar and up close. With a relaxed fit size cut, it provides outstanding comfort and all-day wearability. An elastic waistband with drawstring closure makes it easy to secure when worn. And the cotton and elastane fabric mixture offer just the right amount of stretch for comfort.

This is a must-have pair for every man’s summer collection.

6. Pearl Izumi

PEARL iZUMi is one of the best men’s shorts brands. They offer style, comfort, and versatility with a variety of short designs.

Founded around 70 years ago, PEARL iZUMi has been making athletic outfits and footwear, mainly specializing in outfits for cycling enthusiasts and athletes. They pride themselves in having a wide range of cycling shorts that make use of the latest technology ensuring maximum comfort for the athlete.

These shorts can also be used by athletes other than cyclists, too!

Let’s check out some of their men’s shorts, shall we?

PEARL iZUMi Men’s Attack Short

PEARL iZUMi Men's Attack Short

Famous as a rider’s favorite, the Pearl Izumi Men’s Attack Shorts combine all the best features of a good pair of cycling shorts. They contain the select Escape 1:1 chamois which enhances moisture transfer and breathability making them comfortable for sports.

The shorts are manufactured from recycled nylon making them friendly to the environment. The natural stretch of the fabric makes it possible for the short to have reduced seams for maximum chafe-free comfort. The stretchability of the fabric makes the shorts a comfortable fit for even the most radical riders.

PEARL iZUMi Men’s Summit Shell Short

PEARL iZUMi Men's Summit Shell Short

The PEARL iZUMi Men’s Summit Shell Shorts are made from a 4-way stretch transfer fabric that provides ease of movement. The fabric used is also lightweight and durable making it ideal for a rough sporting environment.

It moves away from the usual dark-colored cycling shorts and provides an option for the one desiring some ‘pop’ of color. It comes in five different hues, giving you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your personality and style. These Pearl Izumi shorts have a seamless crouch construction providing in the saddle comfort.

7. Castelli Shorts

Castelli is an Italian brand that boasts over 100 years of making sportswear, and they offer some of the best shorts for men. They’ve hand-made football jerseys for the likes of AC Milan and Juventus soccer clubs.

Castelli Cycling Free Aero Race 4 Short

Castelli Cycling Free Aero Race 4 Short

With more than a Century of tailoring outfits for world-class cycling champions, Castelli seems to have mastered what good cycling short ought to be.

Castelli’s top race short is made from 100% spandex, with a construction that has been improved with time to maximize comfort. Its saddle-shaped cushioning made of high-density foam with gel inserts is engineered to provide day-long comfort.

Paying great attention to details, its construction is done in a world-class manner with high-quality fabrics and a seamless skin care layer that reduces chafing.

When Is it Appropriate (or Inappropriate) to Be in Shorts?

No matter how great they look on you, shorts are casual clothing. That’s the cardinal rule to remember. That essentially means there are situations where shorts are inappropriate.

Shorts would be great beachwear, or when out lounging with friends, or when hiking or boating in the outdoors. You wouldn’t want to be frying in some woolen trousers in summer when shorts will offer practical convenience, mobility, and comfort.

Traditionally, it was considered uncouth for a man to appear in shorts outside areas of sporty engagements. Today, however, we live in a more accommodative society where men can mill in shorts whenever they want (weather permitting!)

Shorts are inappropriate in formal settings such as offices, job interviews, weddings, business dinners, and swanky restaurants. At all costs wear long pants to these places. You’ll also find shorts unsuitable for working in certain corporate environments such as banks, legal firms, and high-level management positions.

Business-casual situations will demand that you wear trousers and not shorts. If you’re in doubt as to whether or not to wear shorts on an occasion, then don’t put them on. When it comes to men’s styling you should err on the side of caution than find yourself “standing out” for the wrong reasons.

Finally, there are times when you’ll have to depend on your sense of situational awareness to see what’s appropriate. By checking the dressing code of those around you’ll judge if wearing a well-fitted pair of shorts is appropriate.

What Are the Different Types of Shorts?

There are various types of shorts to wear for different occasions. Here are some of the most common styles, and how to match them for the perfect casual look.

  • Flat-front Shorts

They’re the most commonplace short style. At the zipper, the fabric lies flat. Flat-fronts will give you a slimmer look and are best worn a bit low on your waist.

  • Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are the go-to style for evening barbecues, picnics, and an informal night out. Sitting at an inch or two over the knees, they can be dressed up or down as the occasion demands.

To stand out at the party, combine your chino shorts with a Breton shirt. Complete that look with some moccasins and layer with a navy jacket.

  • Tailored Shorts

This is a feasible alternative for maintaining a smart-casual look rather than fry in your pants when the temperatures rise. When matched with a smart button-down shirt, a lightweight blazer, and a pair of derby shoes, they can make the alternative office look depending on your organization’s staff dress code. Be sure to check with your HR if that’s acceptable before you bear your calves next Monday.

That combination can also work well over a dinner date at a classy high-market restaurant.

  • Denim Shorts

They tend to look sloppy if you don’t match them appropriately with the rest of your attire. That’s because they have this look of a pair of denim trousers that were violently ripped off above the knees.

Compared to cotton and linen, they’re less breathable. However, they’re tough enough to last longer. Go for darker colors that combine effortlessly with a shirt and do a good job concealing stains.

They pair well with a slim-fitting t-shirt which can be layered with a sweatshirt or jumper for an evening out. Denim shorts will also harmonize well with a pair of low-top canvas shoes.

  • Running Shorts

These are sports shorts that make it easy to participate in vigorous activities such as running and exercising. They more often come with an inner lining that plays a twofold role as innerwear. These athleisure shorts come in various stylish designs.

Go for sports shorts in neutral colors such as navy, black, or grey that are versatile enough to combine with a variety of outfits. Complete a sporty look with a t-shirt or a classic hoody. You can add some color to your outfit by having either the t-shirt or the hoody in some bold colors. Otherwise, an entire outfit in neutral colors will still work well.

  • Swimming Shorts

Also known as swimming trunks, swimming shorts are created from material that dries fast. Nylon and a mesh on the interior are common materials for swimming shorts.

There are numerous options of beachwear shots for men. If you opt for tailored shorts styles in solid colors, you can explore tops with creative patterns and bright colors. But if you go for shorts with flashing designs, be sure to match them with subdued designs above the waist.

A polo shirt can make a great match for swimming shorts. The simpler your top is the better.

How to Best Pair Men’s Shorts

Shorts are convenient casual wear that is a go-to dressing item over summer. However, it’s knowing how to pair them with other pieces that can help you step out with confidence. But don’t fret. We’ll help you with that.

Pairing Shoes With Men’s Shorts

Let’s start with what doesn’t work. Given their casual nature, shorts generally won’t go well with dress shoes or dress boots.

Pair your shorts with loafers that are an awesome companion in the heat. Loafers offer great cooling by exposing your ankles. Some are also made from breathable materials or perforated leather making them an irresistible match with shorts. Besides the functionality, they also create a stylish vibe.

Other shoe options that will go well with shorts include boat shoes and white sneakers.

How to Pair Socks With Shorts

You can wear socks with shorts but it’s recommended you confine yourself to no-shows, liners, and ankle socks. Those will be your best bet against the heat of summer.

No-show socks go well with loafers. The benefit of wearing socks is that they absorb sweat from your feet that may otherwise ruin your shoes.

Pairing Shirts With Shorts

The type of shorts you wear dictates the kind of shirt that would match it. Sporty shorts will pair well with casual tops.

Laid-back button-down shirts or plain white tees match shorts that are longer and made of cotton, wool, or linen material. For a more formal air, a tucked-in polo short and a belt that matches your shoes will complete the look.

Pairing Jackets With Shorts

Sounds ironic that we are discussing adding in a jacket when we aim to stay as cool as possible. But you can pair your shorts with light jackets or hoodies if you’re headed for the gym.

For a more formal look, consider a pair of Bermuda shorts with a suede bomber jacket. In some settings, guys combine Bermuda shorts with a blazer. Brightly colored jackets are the better color choice.

Parting Words

Having a pair of functional and stylish shorts for a summer outing is one good wear to prepare yourself when the warm season kicks in.

The best men’s shorts brands are comfortable, durable, breathable, and fashionable.

Let us know if there’s a top brand that’s provided you the best pair of shorts and is not on our list. We’ll be delighted to hear from you. We might even add it up to our list when we update the best men’s shorts brands in the future. Make use of our comments section below.