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BMW Zagato Roadster

BMW has revealed a new concept car for the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the BMW Zagato Roadster.  The new Zagato, taking the torch from the hard top of the same name from earlier this year, opens the cockpit to add sky high head room to this driving machine.  This sleek, stylish convertible is built on the Z4 framework to easily (and quickly) receive the progressive body design by Zagato.  To facilitate the visual upgrade of the Z4 base, the designers produced a fresh rear-end design we’d like to see on production BMWs in the future.  It’s simple, strong and edgy, three points of character that this brand has no problem expressing.  If BMW’s recent history is any indicator, successful concept styling often works its way into production models, so our hopes are quite high for this one.  [via autoblog]

BMW Zagato Roadster Gallery