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    BMW I8 Spyder
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BMW I8 Spyder

First there was the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept, a vehicle far too beautiful not to eventually be produced.  Then came the BMW I8, a plug-in hybrid production vehicle inspired by that concept.  Now, BMW has taken this line a step further with the sleek new BMW I8 Spyder, a sporty, topless two-seater.  This sleek, stylish sportster can run on gas, an electric battery or a hybrid of both– all at the whims of the driver.  In a European test circuit, the I8 was capable of 96 mpg driving, which is a stat as sexy as the car’s design.  Even with that efficiency, the I8 is no slouch in performance.  It’ll top out at 155 mph, starting with a 0-60 acceleration of 5 seconds flat.

It’s rare that you get the big three of primary passions out of one automobile.  It’s wildly efficient, it performs beautifully and it’s one of the most stunning cars on the road.  That’ll likely mean that the price tag is out of reach for most of us.  Whether we can afford one or not, we respect the step forward this vehicle represents.  Expect a lot more news on this one in the months ahead.  On our end, we just can’t wait to see one in the streets… [via bmwblog]

[Oh, and if that wild concrete architecture looks familiar, it should!  We featured that parking garage, located at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami, in our feature list on amazing parking garage designs.]

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