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    Evian Live Young T-Shirts
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Evian Live Young T-Shirts

In the immortal words of the progressive hip hop crew Digable Planets, “we’re just babies, man”.  Apparently, Evian ascribes to that theory as well, as they move toward purity and innocence in their bottled water with their Evian Live Young T-Shirts.  The shirts are a part of a campaign for pure bottled water, showing a wide range of faces and skin tones matches with an image of the wearer as a baby.  Far beyond Evian’s ad campaign, the shirts themselves are as fresh and playful as it gets.  We’d love to see these in print, available to match your own skin tone.  Here’s to a youthful, colorful rainbow.

Evian Live Young T-Shirt Gallery

  1. I used to have one. They were limited edition. I’m really sad i cant find it either. I’m afraid our only hope might be to recreate it.

  2. Is there any place you can buy the Evian ‘live young’ T-shirts? I really really need one as a surprise for someone.