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    Get Your Summer Swank On: 13 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Men
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Get Your Summer Swank On: 13 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Men

Today we’re reviewing the best Hawaiian shirts for men that won’t punch a hole in your booze budget. Whether you’re enjoying the last days of summer on the beach or you wish you were, go forth in style with a tropical shirt to suit the vibe.

Best Hawaiian Shirts for Men

Outside of beach towns, Hawaiian shirts have seen their popularity ebb and flow like the tides over the years. But these days, the Tom Selleck look is definitely in.

With vibrant tropical designs and vivid colors, they’re perfect for conjuring up vacation vibes whether you’re on holiday, or not. Whether it’s to the local tiki dive or just rolling up to casual Friday in style, every man needs at least one Hawaiian themed shirt in their wardrobe.

However, choosing the best Hawaiian shirts is no walk in the park. You’ll need to consider comfort, durability, fit, style, and your budget from a vast array of brands. But you’re in luck: We’ve skimmed through multiple offers and fished out our favorite Hawaiian shirts for men, so you’re all set to go.

The 13 Top Tropical Shirts for Men

Look, we get it. You want that tropical look, but don’t feel like shelling out big on novelty seasonal wear. We’ve got you covered with the best cheap Hawaiian shirts Amazon has to offer. Of course, for you big spenders out there, we’ve got a few premium options as well! Regardless of where you stand, all our recommendations are great party shirts for men. Oh, and newsflash: It doesn’t have to be summer to rock that sunny vibe convincingly.

Without further ado, the best Hawaiian shirts for men:

1. 28 Palms Mens Cotton Hawaiian Shirts

28 Palms Men's Cotton Hawaiian Shirts
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28 Palms takes the guesswork out of the vacation-ready look with these stylishly decorated Hawaiian shirts for men. With a lived-in feel straight from the shop, it’s a comfortable shirt made from 100% cotton that’s machine washable.

It’s a slim-fitting shirt that tapers gently down through the waist giving it a slightly refined look, unlike the traditional ultra-relaxed Hawaiian shirt fit.

The shirt comes in a range of more than 30 inviting floral prints that say you’re ready for the beach or poolside party. You surely can’t miss your favorite wear from such a vast collection of Hawaiian attire.

2. SSLR Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirts for Men

SSLR Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirts for Men
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The fanciful flair and attention-grabbing flamingo prints on this SSLR Hawaiian Shirt make it ideal Aloha fun wear. What’s more, the vibrant colors in the shirt are fade-resistant giving you a timeless Hawaiian look for many summer seasons to come.

Constructed from polyester, it’s lightweight, soft, and breezy to wear. Add to that the intricately tailored silhouette, and a well-crafted spread collar, and you’ve got one of the most comfortable yet cheap Hawaiian shirts.

What makes the shirt even better is that it’s machine washable hence easy to clean. Get one of these Hawaiian shirts for men and you’ll find yourself reaching for its tropical flavors time and time again.

3. Alimens & Gentle Casual Hawaiian Guys Shirt

Alimens & Gentle Casual Hawaiian Guys Shirt
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Alimens & Gentle offers cool Hawaiian shirts combining first-rate fabrics, excellent workmanship, and technology. This line of tropical shirts is made from exceptionally soft cotton fabric to be gentle on the skin while keeping you cool in the hot summer. Short sleeves and a Cuban collar adds to its relaxed vibes.

Designed to impress with captivating in-the-face floral prints, it’s as handsome as it is comfortable. This shirt is wrinkle-free and machine washable making it easy to care for.

You can get matching shorts from the same brand to complete your Hawaiian shirt outfit.

4. VATPAVE Floral Hawaiian Shirt for Men

VATPAVE Floral Hawaiian Shirt for Men
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VATPAVE Men’s Floral Hawaiian Shirts come in beautiful flower prints throughout the fabric creating an appealing island look for stylish men. We particularly like this white Hawaiian shirt pattern with its warn wavy pattern that evokes abstract palm fronds.

Made from 70% cotton and 30% viscose, it’s soft, breathable, and therefore comfortable for all-day wear over summer on the beach, birthday, poolside party, or while vacationing.

Get one size up as it shrinks slightly after washing the first time. Otherwise, these tropical shirts for men are perfectly machine washable for low maintenance over the long term.

5. KING KAMEHA Funky Hawaiian Shirts

KING KAMEHA Funky Hawaiian Shirts
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These KING KAMEHA’s Funky Hawaiian Shirts feature phenomenal color brilliance that lasts. The shirt is made from Terivoile material that’s soft, super lightweight, and dries quickly.

There are quite a few pattern and color combinations to choose from, from basic floral prints to lush designs replete with toucans, cockatiels, pineapples, hibiscus, and more. Color choices are bold as a rule, often bordering on loud–but no one will ever accuse these Hawaiian tops of being boring.

With a low-maintenance fabric that is machine washable and wrinkle-free, you’ll have a summer staple suitable for just about every occasion on a sunny day. These are definitely some of the best Hawaiian shirts for guys who don’t mind standing out–even in a crowd of people wearing luau shirts.

6. Todd Snyder Italian Camp Collar Mens Hawaiian Print Shirts

Todd Snyder Italian Camp Collar Mens Hawaiian Print Shirts

This Hawaiian shirt is for those who are looking to splurge during summer. Designed with the retro dresser in mind, the Todd Snyder Italian camp collar short sleeve shirt encapsulates the “off duty” shirts of the 1960s.

The bold colorful print and eye-catching patterns on the shirt make you stand out. A summer staple suitable for poolside engagements, or a stroll on the beach, it’s the laidback item missing in your wardrobe.

Constructed from high-quality 100% Italian cotton, this shirt has a soft and comfy texture so you feel as great as you look. As icing on the cake, the shirt is machine washable making laundry days a breeze.

Match this floral Hawaiian shirt atop a pair of matching chino shorts and boat shoes. Or layer it unbuttoned over a plain t-shirt for a relaxed casual look.

7. RAISEVERN Funny Hawaiian Shirts

RAISEVERN Funny Hawaiian Shirts
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Looking for Hawaiian style clothing that goes beyond the typical prints? RAISEVERN offers just that, with their impressive range of funny Hawaiian shirts.

Bold, whimsical designed patterns and carefully engineered fabric with sophisticated technology that guarantees no shrinking and fading, it’s the shirt to beat. It’s made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex that lends to its softness and breathability. Moreover, it dries fast and is lightweight, which means, easy packing and ready to wear whenever needed.

The shirt comes in 30-plus off-the-wall designs. Some are meme-based, while others put a tropical spin on holiday motifs. Even the more traditional tropical shirts have a zany twist that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

8. Johari West Hawaiian Button-up Shirts for Men

Johari West Hawaiian Button-up Shirts for Men
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The Johari West Hawaiian Shirt for Men is made from top-class Indonesian cotton that lends to its structure. Moreover, the fabric is fade-resistant and is preshrunk so that what you buy is true to size and the size remains consistent with every repeated washing. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

Exclusive monogrammed Johari buttons and a muted single pocket give this luau shirt a stylish flair. It’s machine washable, making it an easy-care item. The shirt comes in 20 different muted tone schemes which offer a welcome departure from louder floral fare.

The straight bottom hem with side splits allows you to wear the shirt either tucked or untucked.

9. V.H.O. Funky Tropical Shirt

V.H.O. Funky Tropical Shirt
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The last thing you’d want while relaxing out on the beach is a shirt that takes too long to dry when you get wet from the waves. That’s why we recommend the V.H.O Funky Hawaiian Shirt. It’s made from quick-drying Terivoile material that’s also lightweight but durable enough to withstand the rigors of vacationing.

The shirt’s fabric is wrinkle-free and therefore ready to wear after washing. What’s more, it’s machine washable and easy to care for so you can focus on looking good with no laundry hassles.

If you like the vibrant colors on the shirt, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re engineered not to fade. A front pocket on the shirt is a perfect place to hang your shades and other essentials.

The shirt comes in five background themes of black, yellow, turquoise, red, and blue to frame the floral prints. Of these, we prefer the red Hawaiian shirt for its classic color matching, but you have a wide range of color options to pick from to best fit your style.

10. Pacific Legend Authentic Hawaiian Tiki Panel Mens Aloha Shirt

Pacific Legend Hawaiian Tiki Panel Mens Aloha Shirt
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Looking for authentic Hawaiian shirts you might actually catch the locals wearing? Check out the Pacific Legend Hawaiian Tiki Panel Aloha Shirt, which is actually made in Hawaii and boasts a subdued tiki panel print.

The shirt is comfortable to wear and absorbent as it’s made from 100% cotton that’s ideal for humid tropical weather. It features a stylish button closure with buttons made from genuine cotton shells. Furthermore, it’s machine washable.

If you don’t like the somewhat questionably named sky color, we recommend the black Hawaiian shirt. A subtle pocket that’s pattern-matched with the rest of the fabric hides in plain sight. It offers you both the functionality of a pocket and the trendy “pocketless” look. A great shirt that can easily earn a spot in your go-to vacation backpack and on the list of the best Hawaiian shirts for men.

11. COOFANDY Short Hawaiian Outfit for Men

COOFANDY Short Hawaiian Outfit for Men
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Sport a full holiday ensemble by matching a Hawaiian shirt and shorts from COOFANDY.

This floral set comes with a shirt and matching shorts that combine perfectly for a completely put-together look for the outdoors.  It features an array of vibrant tropical floral prints, each of which are totally eye-catching.

The shirt set is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, a blend that’s lightweight, breathable, and soft, making it super comfortable to wear through the warmer summer months.

It’s perfect for parties, the beach, or vacation. Pair the tropical suit set with matching sandals or white sneakers, shades, and a sun hat for the ultimate leisurely Hawaiian look.

12. J.Crew Mercantile Hawaiian Print Shirts

J.Crew Mercantile Hawaiian Print Shirts
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Simply put, the J.Crew Tropical Printed shirt is a summer specialist at an affordable price.

J.Crew invests in quality material and craftsmanship. The fabric is a blend of 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane ensuring breathability and a soft comfy feel all day long. This shirt is also slightly stretchy, therefore, offering a great slim-fit design.

The fancy graphics, short sleeves, and open collar accentuate a relaxed look. You also get a small but convenient chest pocket to keep your essentials when out and about.

13. Outerknown Backyard Luau Shirt

Outerknown Backyard Luau Shirt

Outerknown is big on sustainability, offering quality Hawaiian shirts for men made from 65% modal and 35% recycled polyester. What’s more, the beautiful buttons are made from natural corozo buttons instead of plastics. Thus, these shirts look and feel good while minimizing environmental impact.

A classic fit with a detailed tailored look on an understated Hawaiian shirt will be an essential addition to your summer greats. Cleverly tucked chest pockets and a camp collar complete this offering from Outerknown.

The shirt is available in a set of four distinct patterns featuring man-friendly neutral tones that match just about anything you pair it with.

How to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt the Right Way

Landing the perfect Haiiwan shirt is fantastic. But to really pull it off without looking like a jackass, you’ve got to know how to pair it well with your other clothes. We’ll look at how you can rock that vacation shirt with jeans, chinos, sandals, sneakers, casual suits, and more.

Mind the Basics

You want to avoid that exaggerated touristy look when you put on a Hawaiian shirt. Achieving the most desirable look in your Aloha shirt boils down to a few fundamentals. First off, go for a tailored fit that hugs your frame slightly will flatter your physique.

Secondly, pair your shirt with plain outfits. Since the shirt is mostly in vibrant colors and bold patterns, have a complementing attire that’s mostly muted. Shorts and shoes in matching shades or with neutral colors will go well with many Hawaiian shirt tops.

Lastly, confidence is the key to your outfit. Remember to always wear it. If you’re feeling a bit shy wearing shirts that scream in colors, wear some sunglasses, or try out the more subtle vacation shirts. They’re a number of impressive ones on our list above that can dress you up perfectly.

Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt and Shorts

Shorts combine so naturally with vacation shirts to bring out that laidback summertime look.

The shorts should be above the knee and matching the shirt you’re wearing. Match the short effortlessly by having it in one of the colors of your Hawaiian shirt. Another option would be to go for contrasting colors that also form a nice combo.

Shorts in neutral colors will combine well any other day. If you want to play it safe, take refuge in neutrals and whites for shorts.

Lastly, pick casual shoes for your outfit. White sneakers, boat shoes, loafers, or flip-flops can all do, depending on the circumstances.

Wearing Hawaiian Shirts with Trousers

Hawaiian shirts also pair perfectly with trousers and jeans to pull off a smart casual look. The rules are similar to those applied to wearing shorts with vacation shirts. Wearing plain-colored pants that match your shirt or trousers in neutral colors will look great.

Chinos with a slim-cut Hawaiian shirt bring out a smart casual look for office dress down. If you want a more rugged, urbane look, put on your black denim instead. You may untuck for an easy look. Layer a blazer on top when it’s cooler and finish the look with black kicks, boat shoes, loafers, or sneakers.

Best Hawaiian Shirts for Men: Parting Words

Hawaiian shirts reign supreme when it comes to a laidback summer look. The vivid floral prints, the soft and comfortable material they’re made from, short sleeves, and flat collars add to the relaxed tropical feel.

If you own any of the shirts that we’ve shortlisted above, we’ll be glad to know what your experience has been. Perhaps there’s a Hawaiian shirt that has been a gem to you and would warrant a spot on our list of the best Hawaiian shirts for men. Feel free to share it with us in our comments section below!