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    The Best Metal Wallet for Men in 2023 (Reviews + Buying Guide)
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The Best Metal Wallet for Men in 2023 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

One of the ultimate EDC upgrades is to ditch your bulky old bifold for a slim metal wallet. Not only are they far more comfortable, they also offer durability and security features to keep your cash and cards safe. And we think you’ll agree when you see our top 15 metal wallets for men that they’re super stylish as well!

Best Slim Metal Wallet for Men

Metal wallets are trendy. They epitomize elegance, making them perfect for enhancing your professional appearance. It also helps that they give superior card protection against illegal scanning, thanks to RFID blocking technology. Thus, a metal wallet is an ideal EDC solution.

Whether you crave an titanium, stainless steel or aluminum wallet, strength and functionality are guaranteed–provided you cop the right brand. But which one is the best metal wallet? We set out to eliminate your analysis paralysis, with our quick reviews of the top 15 metal wallets for men as of 2021.

So, if you are looking to upgrade from the over-stuffed bifold wallet into something more durable and slim, read on and discover the best metal wallets for your money (not to mention your credit cards!)

Our 15 Favorite Metal Wallets for Men Reviewed

A wallet is an extension of a man’s personality. So you want to pick one that will match your style and make a statement every time you pull it out.

But with so many dapper options available, how do you choose a metal wallet that aligns with your needs? Start your comparison shopping with these 15 outstanding minimalist wallets:

1. The Ridge Wallet for Men

The Ridge Wallet for Men
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The Ridge Wallet is the real deal when it comes to metal wallets, and it’s easy to see why. To start you off, you get state of the art RFID blocking technology that protects your plastics from electronic theft.

Despite being slender, this durable aluminum wallet will comfortably carry up to 12 cards with ease. For easy retrieval, just press the notch on the outside, and your cards will pop. Also, you will find here a cash strap that allows you to carry your bills securely.

Thanks to the included T5 Torx driver, you can strip your Ridge Wallet for easy cleaning and maintenance. This wallet is not cheap, but it comes with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind.  

2. GOVO Badge Holder + Metal Money Clip Combo

GOVO Badge Holder + Metal Money Clip Combo
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If you love to turn heads with your accessories, then you will dig the American-designed GOVO Badge Holder. This minimalist polycarbonate holder allows you to carry all your cards conveniently and easily displays your ID card or badge.

Thanks to the sturdy and durable manganese steel metal clip, you can carry your ID on your key chain, backpack, pocket, or lanyard. The patented steel clip also doubles up as a sturdy metal money clip.

GOVO uses a spring-loaded card holding mechanism that perfectly holds cards even when not loaded to the full capacity. It holds cards on the side, ensuring no damage to the magnetic stripe on your card or photo.

3. Fidelo Hybrid Metal Credit Card Holder with Money Clip

Fidelo Hybrid Metal Credit Card Holder with Money Clip
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Fidelo redefines elegance with this sleek wallet with their minimalist hybrid wallet. It comes in a 3 piece design comprising money clip bands, a removable crazy horse leather case and a metal credit card holder.

Expect a lot of features here. For example, this RFID slim wallet blocks signals of up to 13.56 Mhz frequencies, keeping your card chips safe from fraudsters looking for an easy buck. You also get a cash band that tightly holds the cash until you need it. Accessing your cards is as simple as pressing the eject trigger.

The slim, ultra-sleek and futuristic design allows it to fit into any pocket without a bulge. Fidelo is as minimalist as it gets, yet boasts a 5 card capacity, making it a strong contender for best EDC wallet for your buck.

4. The Ridge Slim Metal Front Pocket Wallet

The Ridge Slim Metal Front Pocket Wallet
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Front pocket wallets are now the in-thing. Ridge understands this and makes their metal front pocket wallet as slim as it can get. But don’t underestimate it; it can carry up to 12 cards without breaking a sweat.

They also throw in a well-constructed metal money clip to hold your bills in place securely. And, you can rest easy knowing the exterior aluminum metal is protecting your cards from RFID hacking.

You have a variety of colors to choose from, including gunmetal and black. But if you really want to impress, a shiny, rose gold edition is available. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on this one, meaning they trust their engineering–and you can too.

5. ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet + Metal Money Clip

ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet + Metal Money Clip
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ARW’s carbon fiber slim wallet features construction is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum; it will handle anything you throw at it. But that’s not all. It is so lightweight that you’ll barely know when it is in your pocket.  

Despite its slim design, it packs a serious punch when it comes to functionality. Thanks to a flexible elastic webbing, it can hold up to 15 cards snugly. With the metal money clip, you can safely keep fist-full of dollars. Don’t forget to store your loose change, USB or sim cards in the coin box.

Like other aluminum wallets, protection against ID theft is enhanced thanks to its inherent RFID blocking capabilities. And did we say it comes with a mini-screwdriver? So if you want it thinner, go ahead and remove the metal clip.

Overall, ARW has a serious Ridge Wallet alternative on its hands.

6. Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet

Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet
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Peace of mind is priceless; and when you carry your cards with the Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet, you get a hardshell design that protects your essentials against cracking, bending, and soiling. We are talking about a polycarbonate construction that will withstand most impact damages.

The Elfish Mini comes with impressive features too. For starters, you will love the accordion slots that hold up to 9 cards. And RFID blocking technology wards off digital thieves, so your card’s safety is guaranteed.

To access your cards, simply press the spring-loaded button, and the hard case wallet will open. The Elfish Mini gives you more than 10 colors to choose from.

7. Gerber Gear Steel Wallet + Survival Knife

Gerber Gear Steel Wallet + Survival Knife
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If you want a blend of a metal wallet and a survival tool, Gerber GDC money clip will fit the bill.

In fact, this is the best EDC money clip designed specifically with campers and hikers in mind. It will not only hold your cards but will also offer you a tactical knife blade to combat any threat to your money–or at least provide a useful survival tool in a pinch!

The 1.75″ steel knife blade takes some practice to wield effectively, but it shouldn’t be a cause for worry. It’s legal to carry it around, so you won’t get into trouble with law enforcement.

Don’t write it off yet if you are not an outdoorsy person though; it is suitable for everyday use as it can hold up to 5 cards. The textured thumb rest on the money clip guarantees maximum grip on your bills.

Both wallet and knife both have a rust-proof stainless steel construction, so durability is assured. With the slim, lightweight design, it will fit even in a small pocket.

8. MaxGear RFID Metal Credit Card Holder

MaxGear RFID Metal Credit Card Holder
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The MaxGear RFID metal credit card holder is slim and sleek stainless steel wallet that easily fits in a shirt pocket. The design is similar to a tiny briefcase, with accordion slots that hold up to 20 cards without dangling. It’s an ideal minimalist wallet for men, closing up slim and clean.

Although it comes with a heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction, it is quite light and portable. MaxGear gives digital thieves no chance as it integrates RFID blocking technology to secure your vital data.

It is not limited to just holding cards, as you can fit in a few folded bills, too. And with 6 different colors, everyone is happy. MaxGear is ideal for the minimalist individual who wants a stylish accessory that complements their professional look.

9. The I-CLIP Minimalist Wallet for Men

The I-CLIP Minimalist Wallet for Men
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The I-Clip wallet utilizes the best of German engineering and takes space efficiency to the next level. How about carrying 12 cards and cash hassle-free? And thanks to the integrated high-tech clip, all your cards and bills will be well secured.

No more bulging pockets, either. The I-Clip is ultra-slim, fitting into your shirt, suit or pants pockets with ease. The compact design makes it almost unnoticeable while in the pocket.

Unlike the rest of our recommendations on this list, the I-Clip isn’t a true metal wallet. Instead, it approximates the performance of high-grade aluminum or titanium wallets with high-tech resin, but without the added weight or cost.

It comes in many colors, so you are sure to find something that aligns with your taste. For protection against data theft, consider investing in an RFID card. I-Clip sells these cards, so you can conveniently buy them as you buy the wallet. 

10. Eastnights RFID-Blocking Metal Card Holder

Eastnights RFID-Blocking Metal Card Holder
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If you are looking to upgrade to a new wallet without breaking the bank, look Eastnight’s way. Their stainless steel wallet is quite small, just about the size of the palm, allowing you to hold or store it easily. It opens like an accordion, exposing six card slots; leave a slot or two to store a few folded dollar bills.

The expandable card slots are made of PVC and effectively protect your card info against RFID scanning. So, carry it anywhere in your purse or pocket without fear. This stainless steel hard case wallet wards off any demagnetization and protects the cards inside from any damage. 

When making purchases, the easy click button will give you access to your cards. It also latches securely when not in use. So ditch your old leather bifold wallet for this one and discover the freedom of minimalism. Eastnights offers 9 different colors.

11. Dinghao Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

Dinghao Minimalist Aluminum Wallet
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Walking with a bloated back or front pocket sucks! Save yourself the agony with this highly functional aluminum wallet from Dinghao. It’s another serviceable Ridge Wallet alternative at a fraction of the price, and well worth your consideration.

The slim and light design means that you can carry it anywhere with you, unnoticed. Carry it with confidence, knowing that the RFID blocking technology protects your cards all the time.

Thanks to the springy elastic bands and the V-shape, this wallet will tightly hold 10 cards. The C-shaped mouth makes retrieval a breeze.

With stainless steel and premium aviation aluminum construction, this one will impress you with a long shelf life. So it’s perfect for daily use or travel.

12. ROSSM RFID Slim Wallet

ROSSM RFID Slim Wallet
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Get rid of the clutter and conveniently carry your essentials with the ROSSM slim minimalist wallet. We are talking about effortlessly carrying up to 12 cards and 10 bills.  

You will find here a C-shaped thumb notch that allows you to access your cards like a boss. Since ROSSM understands this one will be your everyday carry, it scales up your card’s security with RFID blocking technology.

The slim design makes it perfect for carrying to the gym, a party or a grocery store. So give your butt and back a break and pull the trigger on the ROSSM wallet. You will have yourself to thank later.

13. Mosiyeef Minimalist Wallet for Men

Mosiyeef Minimalist Wallet for Men
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If you are not looking to spend a fortune on a new wallet, consider picking the Mosiyeef minimalist wallet. This pop-up wallet is thin enough to snuggly carry in your front pocket and is light enough not to burden your EDC.

Despite the slim design, Mosiyeef offers ample space that can fit up to 6 cards. The integrated sturdy pocket clip keeps your money tightly held in your pocket. And thanks to the RFID blocking, all your information stays safe with you, no matter where you go.

Retrieving your cards is as easy as pushing a button; the cards will instantly pop up. It’s pretty stylish, so don’t be surprised if you attract onlookers. Boasting an aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber construction, this is quite a durable wallet that offers great bang for modest buck.

14. Duxtio Slim Minimalist Aluminum Wallet for Men

Duxtio Slim Minimalist Aluminum Wallet for Men
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The Duxtio slim minimalist wallet features aerospace-grade aluminum construction. This sturdy build ensures it does not bend or crack under pressure. It’s also ultra-thin and light, allowing you to organize your cards and money with ease.

Duxtio’s metal wallets for men will accommodate up to 12 cards and several folded bills–and you will barely feel it in your pocket. Duxtio includes RFID shields in this wallet to offer superior protection against any form of electronic theft.

This is an eye-catching piece that will earn you some compliments every time you pull it out. Duxtio’s money-back-guarantee is a bonus.

15. Protectif RFID Blocking Metal Credit Card Holder

Protectif RFID Blocking Metal Credit Card Holder
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Investing in the Protectif metal credit card holder means buying into a stylish and durable design embedded with RFID blocking. Carry up to 8 cards and several folded bills into crowded places or public transportation worry-free.

Here, you have a premium quality stainless steel wallet featuring superior durability and classy engraving. It opens and closes at the click of a button and safely latches when you are not using it. With its compact size, this is the ideal hard case wallet for any occasion.

The smooth finish allows it to slide in and out of your pocket superbly, and its modern design exudes luxury, so confidently flaunt it when you feel like it.

Metal Wallet Buying Guide

When looking for a minimalist metal wallet, you will be spoilt for choice. But how do you choose one that you can count on to keep your cash and cards safe? Before you click on the order button, check out these tips.

Security and RFID protection

Ensure the wallet has RFID blocking technology to ensure your cards are protected from electronic thieves.

Some pieces feature rubber bands and binder clips, but these aren’t quite effective for security. A rubber band can snap, leaving your valuables loose.

Cards can also easily slip out of a binder clip. If you are serious about going minimal, a money clip or a micro wallet will come in handy.

Coin Pouches

Keeping loose change in the pocket is the easiest way to lose money. It also damages your pockets over time. If you use cash a lot, consider buying a wallet with a built-in coin compartment.

Card and Cash Space

Take into account how many cards and cash bills you carry at any given time. While at it, factor in other cards you might need, such as gift cards, membership cards or hotel key cards.

Being minimalist does not entirely mean that you should compromise on space. Some slim wallets will blow your mind with how many cards and cash they can hold.

For example, the Duxtio Slim Minimalist wallet or the Ridge Wallet will hold up to 12 cards without breaking a sweat.

Metal Card Holder FAQs

Why Should I Consider Buying a Metal Wallet?

Metal wallets are unmatched when it comes to card safety and security. They also easily withstand impact damages. Amazingly, they are lighter and less bulky than leather on average and enjoy a longer shelf life than their traditional counterparts.

Will Any Metal Block RFID?

Most metal wallets come lined with RFID blocking capabilities. The metal on itself cannot prevent wireless theft.

So the wallets are specially designed to repel RFID signals, thereby protecting your cards from illegal scanning. Always consider this feature when buying a metal wallet.

Aluminum is the most preferred metal for RFID blocking because it is the easiest to use. But copper, alloy, nickel and few other metals also feature in some wallets.

How Is a Metal Wallet Different from Other Wallets?

Most metal wallets come with a stainless steel, aluminum or carbon fiber construction, making them shockproof and long-lasting. So if you want a durable pouch, a metal wallet is your safest bet.

Metal Wallets for Men: Final Thoughts

Out with the old, in with the new. Don’t you love the idea of a sturdy, slim, and easy to access wallet? Then a minimalist metal wallet will appeal to you. It’s all you need to carry your cards and money in style.

A Fidelo Minimalist Wallet will be a good fit if you are looking for an unfiltered fusion of the novel and the conventional. With this one, you will maintain a minimalist style while still enjoying your old wallet’s leather feel, thanks to the removable crazy horse leather case.

Is there something we have missed out? Tell us about your favorite metal wallet in the comments section below.