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#Woodgasm: Design Firm Creates a Wonderful Wooden World for Bar Raval Toronto

With a full glass of inspiration, both shaken and stirred, a standard bar can become an other-worldly night life environment. Bar Raval Toronto is a testament to this kind of inspired design. It is a masterwork in design innovation and woodworking craftsmanship, a space that imparts futurism and naturalism upon its guests. It’s the work of Toronto’s own Partisan Projects, a design that presents a new creative palette for chef Grant van Gameren and mixologist Mike Webster.

Bar Raval Toronto is one of the finest wooden interiors we’ve seen in years. It’s the result of CNC’d mahogany, a computer-driven router that carves fine wood to shape much like a 3D printer on a grand scale. Mahogany pieces are shaped into undulating forms that fit together on the bar, the walls and hanging ceiling design elements. These pieces are inspired by the shape of cured Spanish meats, plus the tattoo’d muscles of Bar Raval’s clientele. Partisan Projects matched this inspiration with a creative, technical and visually-distinct design process that yielded something truly different.

The interior of Bar Raval Toronto spans 1,980 square feet of inspired space. The wood dances and stretches across the entire interior, even obscuring glances into the bar from windows along the street. It’s a space of mystery, where guests are treated to an experience of wonder while they wait for a high-craft cocktail or fine cuisine. It’s a success in design by Partisan Projects, a space that matches an inspired interior to the culinary efforts of the client.

If you find yourself in Toronto, you can visit Bar Raval in the city’s Little Italy District. It’s open all day from 8:00a.m. to 2:00a.m., serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night treats.

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