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Canine Heroes: a Tribute to Dogs in Service

We’re dog lovers here at TheCoolist.  As we type, our Doberman pal Magnum is correcting our copy.  Naturally, when we saw the editorial over at Scoyberty titled “A Tribute to Dogs in Service”, we couldn’t help but share.  While dogs are a standard part of the typical family unit, they’re also a brave partner on the front lines of conflict.  They’re sniffing out IED’s, they’re carrying medical supplies, they’re protecting soldiers and providing a sense of family and camaraderie to those faced with the terrors of the world.  While we could never imagine putting our own dogs in harms way, this here is a salute to those furry friends of ours making the world safer in its most dangerous of places.  [socyberty via notcot]

Dogs of War Tribute Gallery