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    Catrinel Menghia for Aubade Agenda 2009
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Catrinel Menghia for Aubade Agenda 2009


The godfather himself, Michael Corleone, was once warned about Sicilian women: “in Sicily, the women are more dangerous than shotguns.”  While model du jour Catrinel Menghia may not be Sicilian, this photoshoot for Aubade Agenda is a throwback to the style of Italy in the 1960s.  Miss Menghia, born in Romania and now in Milan full time, has created quite a buzz in the modeling world with shoots like this.  While we salute Catrinel for her well played role here, the unnamed photographer deserves a world of credit.  Can anyone let us know who was behind the camera in this shoot?  Enjoy the rest of the photos below…

UpdateThanks to TheCoolist reader Roxana (in the comments), the photographer here was none other than Michel Perez.  Kudos, Michel, and thanks Roxana!



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