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Citroen Survolt Art Car by Francoise Nielly

The art world has read our minds…  Two of TheCoolist’s favorites, the Citroen Survolt and French artist Francoise Nielly, have come together to double our visual pleasure.  The Citroen Survolt Art Car by Francoise Nielly is the world’s latest art car, a a vehicle that fuses fine art with cutting edge engineering.  The Survolt concept was revealed earlier this year, then shown off in the flesh at the Le Mans Classic 2010 where it took to the track in a blinding fashion.  Now the Survolt has gotten even sexier, thanks to the neon strokes of Francoise Nielly.  Nielly is a respected French painter with a style all her own, celebrated often right here on TheCoolist.  You two make a lovely couple– and you certainly do a service to your home country of France.  [francoise nielly and citroen, photos by laurent nivalle]

Citroen Survolt Art Car Gallery