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    Colorware PS3 Slim
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Colorware PS3 Slim


Leave your ride alone– you can pimp and personalize your PS3 Slim instead with a bit of help from Colorware.  The Colorware PS3 Slim is a personalized casemod based on the color choices you make on their website.  Whether you’re buying your first PS3 or modding an existing one, Colorware will give you a technicolor update to your factory machine.  You’ll certainly be the envy of your friends with playstation 3’s… if you can part with your console for the week it’ll take to ship, process and ship back… [colorware pc via technabob and notcot]



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  1. Im trying to get 2 ps3 different colors. Slightly dark purple and sour apple Slightly dark lime green with 2 matching controllers each. I just need to know the full price for both.