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    Vulcano Buono Building in Nola, Italy
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Vulcano Buono Building in Nola, Italy


Southern Italy’s busiest freight city has received a glorious green centerpiece to its mountainous landscape.  The Vulcano Buono, “good volcano” in Italian, was designed to merge with this Italian landscape, in homage to the once tragic nearby Mt. Vesuvius volcano just a few miles away.  Vulcano Buono houses a shopping mall, an outdoor theater, restaurants and a hotel– all contained within a rolling green roof comprised of over 2,500 thriving plants. The central eye of this man-made volcano spans 150 meters of open space for an extension of the market within.

The focus of architect Renzo Piano was to create “a contemporary take on a greek marketplace, a void as a place for events, meetings, dialogue and the gathering of people”.  Having integrated this building into it’s landscape, instead of just occupying it, it is clear that Mr. Piano and crew have succeeded brilliantly. [vulcano buono by renzo piano via inhabitat]



Volcano Buono Gallery