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    Edible Crayons by Luxirare
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Edible Crayons by Luxirare

edible crayons 2

These delectable looking edible crayons are chock full of a healthy dose of nutrition and no shortage of creativity.  The Edible Crayons by Luxirare are hand-made health bars featuring colorful ingredients like freeze dried strawberries and raspberries for red coloring, dried carrots and apricot for orange, kiwi and pistachio for green and almonds and prunes for brown.  The ingredients are pressed together in a mold and sealed with a sweet bond of melted marshmallow.  After they dry, they are packaged with paper crayon tubes and inserted into a simple white box in the shape of the classic crayola crayon design.  The result is stunning in both packaging design and flavor, showcasing healthy creativity from the brilliant minds at Luxirare. [luxirare via notcot]

edible crayons

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  1. Bonjour, est il possible de dessiner avec les crayons comestibles luxirare health bars? Comment faut-il faire pour les acheter ? Merci bonne journée et prenez soin de vous 😉