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    The World’s Most Beautiful Gun Club
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The World’s Most Beautiful Gun Club

The city of Ulm, Germany is home to one of the world’s most beautiful gun clubs, the amazing MSZU complex.  With a clean modern design and a focus on acoustics, safety and technology, the MSZU gun club features a gun store, a cafe and a full-service restaurant in addition to a numerous selection of firing ranges.  Licensed gun owners, hunters and law enforcement officials are welcome to visit the MSZU facilities to practice short and long distance firing, hunting simulation, skeet shooting and more.

No matter which side of the gun law policy you’re on, it’s hard not to respect the sheer scope and design sensibility of the MSZU facilities.  The cafe of MSZU carries the warm, relaxed emotion of an upscale coffee shop in your nearest city, while the restaurant appears to provide the ambiance of an out-on-the-town dining experience.  The firing ranges themselves are steeped with technology, where computers and pinpoint-accurate target tracking provide laser sharp feedback of a shooter’s performance.  When the guns fire, acoustic treatment absorbs the sonic excess of some of Germany’s most powerful legal weaponry.  To a hunter, a law enforcement officer or a gun enthusiast, the MSZU gun club is amongst the world’s greatest indoor firing destinations, one that could put Ulm, Germany on the map for hunting travel.  [mszu via gizmodo]

MSZU Gun Club Gallery

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  1. Comparison to a “coffee shop in your nearest city” is quite interesting and revealing. You obviously assume all your readers are hillbillies :)