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    Sony VAIO P Laptop Gets Boosted
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Sony VAIO P Laptop Gets Boosted

The  Sony VAIO P ultra-portable laptop was originally introduced as a stylish alternative to the netbook, a mini-computer capable of delivering notebook power in a small package.  That power, however, seemed to be missing from the first release, and Sony has decided it was about time for an update.  The new Sony VAIO P laptop features a new design, a built-in GPS, accelerometer and digital compass, plus standard 3G connectivity to make this little machine truly mobile.  Sony’s aim was to give the VAIO P the tools needed to truly be a PC on the go, a mobile sidearm for our go-everywhere lives.  Pretty press language aside, the Sony VAIO P is a decent laptop.  Those who want the relaxed, mobile functionality of an iPad but prefer a keyboard may find the VAIO P to be a great alternative.

The Sony VAIO P is powered by an Intel Atom Z540 processor, it runs Windows 7 and features 2GB of SDRAM and a 64GB SSD for storage.  Those are higher end netbook specs in a small form factor, so small even than Sony initially tried to pimp this piece as a pocket-friendly PC.  Regardless, the machine does have plenty of power for weighing just 600 grams.  It’s a fashionable little laptop, appearing more like a small notebook or clutch purse than a real, honest computer.  We enjoyed the Sony VAIO P when it was first revealed, and we still like it now.  Would we buy one?  That’s yet another question.  [via press release]

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