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    1951 Vincent Rapide: Vintage V-Twin Velocity
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1951 Vincent Rapide: Vintage V-Twin Velocity

1951 Vincent Rapide

When this Vincent Rapide was first released in 1946, it became the world’s fastest production motorcycle with a top speed of 110mph.  While much of the old Rapide’s have fallen into disrepair, this 1951 Vincent Rapide was faithfully restored to near-original brilliance.  20 years of work went into this Rapide, and its beauty has now been documented by the autolust photography team of Guerry and Prat.  Prat said of this motorcycle, “The only major tools of its owner are a drill and a vise, but patience and perfectionism have allowed him to achieve a high degree of excellence.”  True indeed.

This rehabbed 1951 Vincent Rapide isn’t just a museum-worthy collectors item, it is a regular ride of its new owner.  Should you own a motorcycle as beautiful as this one, could you keep yourself from riding it?  We certainly couldn’t either…  [via bikeexif]

1951 Vincent Rapide Seat Shot

1951 Vincent Rapide Front

1951 Vincent Rapide Gallery