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    Nova DSLR Concept by Erin Fong
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Nova DSLR Concept by Erin Fong


Industrial designer Erin Fong has presented an ergonomic and functional upgrade to the typical DSLR.  Since the film roll is no longer a vital part of a SLR camera’s shape, the form can now change along with the function.  Erin Fong’s Nova DSLR Concept gives the digital SLR two rotating handles that can extend to the right and left or to combine to one handle at the bottom of the unit.  This provides greater control over the camera’s position (not to mention some needed respect for left-handed photographers) as well as the full set of keys and buttons at the users fingertips.

While the design of the DSLR is not broken, Fong’s Nova DSLR concept makes a very good point.  That rectangular box that once houses a film roll doesn’t need to be rectangular any more.  This gives creative freedom to the build factor of the DSLR to the future, one that has not really been explored until Erin Fong did so here.  Beyond the fact that Fong even explored this territory, her execution is very solid.  At once, she has challenged the standard for DSLR body design and actually provided a creative solution to how digital cameras can be made even better.  [erin fong @ coroflot]


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