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    Esslack Food Spray: Golden Culinary Goodness
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Esslack Food Spray: Golden Culinary Goodness

Do your food presentation skills leave a bit to be desired?  Thanks to the good people from Deli Garage, you can now present your produce in a gold or silver skin.  The Esslack Food Spray allows you to coat your cookery in edible gold or silver, a lovely sheen that’ll provide plenty of culinary inspiration without taking a toll on taste.  Sure, while our buddy David Cross (link nsfw) may find it a bit funny, the concept is as brilliant as the creative packaging design behind it.

Also, if the name “Deli Garage” sounds a bit familiar to the classic Coolist, you’ll remember the Garage Winery from our Wine Label Design list from last summer.  It’s refreshing to see them keep kicking out the cool, especially in such a curious culinary fashion.  Nice work, Deli Garage! 

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