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    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


Fans of the Ferrari motorsports brand will soon have a world class destination for the Ferrari experience.  Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is nearing completion on the largest indoor theme park in the world.  Inspired by the double curve side profile of the classic Ferrari GT, this bright red architectural gem will bare a Ferrari logo stretching 215 feet in diameter, also the largest in the world.  Indoors and out, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will feature 20 rides and attractions including the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi isn’t just a big idea and some fancy renderings (like the one above), as this structure is nearly complete.  Below is a set of nine photos of the fully constructed roof and the other parts of the park which remain in development.  That roof is enormous, you can see full size tour buses are just a spec by comparison in the close up image of the roof’s curve.  While most of UAE’s better known architectural works are located in Dubai, less than 100 miles north of Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is a true feat of engineering in its own right.

Ferrari World Abu Dahbi will feature state of the art racing simulators, driving and racing schools, museum exhibits of the Ferrari history, a tower drop ride that climbs out of the center of the park, and the world’s fastest roller coaster.  That roller coaster is designed to provide a true Ferrari F1 experience, taking its passengers to speeds up to 124 mph.




Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Gallery

Ferrari World Video