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    Flaviar (Reviews) – The Curated Premium Spirit Club
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Flaviar (Reviews) – The Curated Premium Spirit Club

It’s our belief that life is too short to have a signature drink. Every shaken martini that James Bond ordered was a missed opportunity to discover a local gem. For a world traveler like 007, he was surprisingly conservative with his cocktails. We see experimentation as a greater virtue than routine, as variety is very much the spice of life. 

On that note, enter our latest obsession– the Flaviar Premium Spirit Club.

Flaviar - box opening

What is Flaviar?

Flaviar is a premium spirit club, a monthly service that delivers tasting packs of fine liquors directly to your door. A new member can join Flaviar, select a single tasting pack of their choice or join the club for a monthly delivery option. 

There are a wide range of options available, from fine American bourbons to French Cognac to Caribbean Rum, each with five individual sample bottles with an ounce-and-a-half for tasting.

Flaviar reviews

This month, Flaviar volunteered to send us a set to review. Its (very-anticipated) arrival brought with it an exciting surprise– we didn’t research what was in each bottle, we wanted to discover on our own. 

What we got

Flaviar sent us the Spanish Brandy Inquisition, a tasting pack of five fine brandies from across the Spanish countryside. This included Mascaro Ego X.O., a family-owned distillery in Vilafranca del Penedes, Romate Uno En mil Solera Gran Reserva, a 12-year-old reserve, Gran Duque De Alba XO, an 18-year sherry named after the Great Duke of Alba, and two others. 

As implied, these are not your basic, run-of-the-mill brandies from big-brand distributors. These tasting packs are finely curated, with prime selections grabbed from throughout Spain for a best-of tasting. 

In essence, that’s what Flaviar provides– a carefully curated collection that represents the best of a given spirit. In this case, Flaviar took us on a pretty exciting tour of Spain…

Flaviar reviews - bottle selection

Flaviar Spirits Club Curation

This curation is one of a few stand-out benefits of these packages. 

  • Their experts make the selections so you, the drinker, can enjoy the fruits of their labor. 
  • Second, if you wanted to try these liquors on your own, you’d need to find the bottles and then purchase them for a taste. 

If the Spanish brandies were available at your local store, you’d be paying around $460 before tax to take them home for a taste of each. In this pack, it would cost you just over $40 for a set of five tasting sizes that were delivered directly to your door.

Flaviar club

Flaviar’s packages, currently priced in British Pounds, are available for roughly $40 per pack. Flaviar currently ships to EU and US with a handful of exceptions. It’s certainly worth a try for yourself, but it makes a great gift for a loved one. 

Sip responsibly, and be sure to bring a friend.

[All text and photographs by Seamus Payne for TheCoolist, all rights reserved]

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  1. Stunning photography coupled with commentary that is so compelling to interest anyone who enjoys savoring the taste of very fine liquor. Gotta look into this offering by Flaviar.