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    Bentley Zai Supersport Skis
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Bentley Zai Supersport Skis


Few can boast that they hit the snowy slopes with Bentleys strapped to their feet.  If you’re the winter sporting type with an unlimited budget, you might just be able to join that exclusive group.  The Bentley Zai Supersport Skis are a set of carbon fiber-reinforced skis made of fine thermoplastic, rubber and chrome steel, the result of a collaboration between Bentley and the Swiss ski manufacturer Zai.  While the lovely product photography certainly helps, a close look at the skis reveals some truly luxurious, sexy winter sports gear.  That sexiness comes at a rather lofty price though– you’ll need roughly $9,500USD to take a pair of these to the slopes. [zai via selectism]




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