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    Gaming Room Ideas: Design Your Own Slice of Gamer Heaven
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Gaming Room Ideas: Design Your Own Slice of Gamer Heaven

How do you even start styling an entire room dedicated to your gaming space? Don’t fret! Because we’ve curated a list of gaming room ideas that will be the envy of your friends! 

Gaming Room Ideas

Whether you are more of a video game kind of gamer, the sit-on-the-floor while playing the board games type, or the beer and a game of pool kind, you can bring your gaming experience to life with our list of game room ideas. 

A Gaming Room is a Sacred Space

Maybe you don’t have a dedicated video game room yet, but have plans to build building one and are currently looking for inspiration. Or maybe, it’s just time to give your current gaming room a next-gen makeover. 

A Gaming Room is Sacred
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Either way, this post should give you plenty of ideas for an awesome gaming room setup that’s cool, impressive, and comfortable. 

Watch out! These game room ideas can transform even a small space into a private paradise, no matter what kind of gamer you are!

Game Room Basics: How to Set Up the Ideal Gaming Room

If you’re going to spend so much of your time in one area of your home, why not make it as comfortable and exciting as possible? 

Get Your Set Up Right
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Whatever kind of game room you’re looking to build and style, there are a few things you need to consider before anything else. So, before you start positioning all your video gaming accessories, consoles, and arcade machines, step back and make a plan. You should consider the following features and factors before commencing your gaming area re-design.

What Is the Ideal Gaming Room Size?

What do you want the game room to be? How are you planning to furnish your space? Knowing what kind of game room you wish to create will help you decide how to use your available space.

Are you building a gaming space just for your own video game enjoyment? In that case, you don’t necessarily have to worry about having a lot of space for your gaming essentials. A comfortable gaming space for long gaming sessions is more than enough.

If you’re considering trying your hand at streaming, then just make sure you have enough space to fit your streaming rig and whatever game consoles you want to play on.

Do You Have Space for Multiple Screens
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Are you planning to build a family-sized recreation room? You’re most likely going to need ample space for this, depending on the games you want to host. For example:

  • Are you only planning to put a foosball table? The average dimension of foosball tables ranges from 54-60 inches long and 30-36 inches wide and will only take a modest space. 
  • Classic table games like chess, checkers, and backgammon require minimal space too. You only need enough room for a table to put your game board on and a couple of chairs. 
  • But if you’re planning to put a pool table in the room, the smallest pool table dimension is around 7×4 feet plus at least 5-feet of clear space around the table from the wall. You also need to provide a couple of extra feet of wiggle room when placing the pool table next to a furnishing. In that case, around 300 square feet of space is needed for a pool table. 

What Are the Best Lighting Options for a Game Room?

Set the right vibe for a game night (or day) full of thrill and friendly competition by choosing the proper lighting for the room. Plus, your gaming room lights will make or break the space’s personality, and you don’t want to fail in that aspect.

Ambient Lighting is the Ideal

So, what is the proper lighting plan for your gaming experience? It depends on the gaming experience you’re looking for! The best lighting should complement the games you play.

  • General lighting: You don’t have to go all out on general lighting fixtures for a game room. Consider more on area lighting or task lighting. For example, place recessed lighting on specific areas you need illuminated, like pool and game tables.
  • Ambient lighting: Your choice of ambient light will set the room’s atmosphere, giving you a better gaming experience, especially for video game room settings. Consider overhead lighting, LED strips, or even disco lights. String lights and lava lamps will also provide enough brightness without interfering with your game room decor.

Natural light is not particularly a fantastic choice for game areas since the brightness can often interfere with the visuals. 

Do You Need a Sound System?

That’s not even a question. Whether playing video games or dart (maybe indoor golf) or just sitting and hanging out with friends, you’ll want to play some music in gaming rooms. 

A Small Room is still a Good Gamer Room

Any great quality sound system can work for your game room speaker system, although you might want to consider a few features.

  • It should sound good. That goes without saying when choosing the right speaker system for whatever type of gaming area you have in mind. 
  • Wired or wireless? If you don’t mind setting up cables around the room, wired speakers are alright. But if you want convenience, like connecting your phone to your speakers right away, wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity are better. 
  • Headphones or speakers? How about both? Surround sound speakers will do wonders for a more immersive experience for a large game room. But if you want a bit of privacy or if there are other people in the room, having great quality over-ear headphones is excellent too. 

Just remember, the bigger the room, the more power you will need

Sound-Proofing Your Game Room

A gaming room can be a pretty noisy place, cranking up the volume is just part of the gaming experience. Not forgetting the sounds of enjoyment as you play games with family and friends. While headphones could help preserve the sanity of your peace-loving housemates or neighbors there is one other option. Soundproof your game room!

Playing Games can be Noisy

Although it’s not a “must” to soundproof your game room, you might want to consider investing in some soundproofing anyway. Besides the sound-dampening benefits for those non-gamers, it can actually improve your gaming room acoustics.

There’s also the advantage of not having someone interrupt your game time because the chip tune soundtrack of your recent retro-binge is keeping them awake.

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to soundproof a game room

  • Seal any gaps.
  • Use bottom door draft stoppers.
  • Use soundproofing curtains or blankets on doors and windows.
  • Add acoustic foams to the walls. 

If you are building your gaming room from scratch or as part of a big renovation project you could get a professional to come in and do it properly, however, the above methods will get the job done.

Comfortable Chair for Gaming 

A game room is not complete without some quality game room furniture. Like any part of the house where you spend most of your time, your gaming area requires nothing short of maximum comfort. 

Gaming Chairs are Must Have Gaming Accessories

Whether you prefer a swiveling gaming chair or a massive, comfy couch to hang with friends, the seating should always have comfort as the top priority

Another thing you need to consider when choosing a seating arrangement for your game room is how many guests do you expect to have at any one time?

If it’s only you, a swiveling chair or two – for those unexpected guests -will suffice. However, if you often have your friends around for game nights, a sofa could be a sensible addition to your game room furniture. 

Consider getting a chaise lounge and comfy sectionals, or add several bean bag chairs and ottomans throughout the room. 

Don’t Forget A Quality Display Unit for Your Collectibles

If you’re an avid gamer, you’re most likely a collector as well. So, if you’re going to create your ideal gaming space, you need to invest in a quality display case for your valuable collectibles?

From Wall Art to Display Cases
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Because, let’s be honest, no matter how awesome your comic book collection, collectibles, and figurines of your favorite video game characters are, they will look out of place scattered haphazardly around the house.

They need a special place where they are the center of attention, like on a shelf in your game room! Plus, they make excellent game room decor too!

Video Gaming Room Ideas for Different Types of Gamers

Okay, so you’re an avid gamer looking for ways to pimp out your new video game room. This is the time to indulge your wildest video game room fantasies. You have the freedom to create a gamer’s paradise from scratch.  

Stock Up on Your PC Gaming Essentials

Let’s start with the techy must-haves to complete your battle station or PC game room setup. Whether there’s only a small space or a massive gamer room dedicated to playing your favorite video games for hours, you will need these items. 

Create the Best Video Game Room

  • PC Gaming Desk: The best desk for PC gamers should have ample space and storage for your entire gaming PC setup (monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.), plus extra features to boost your gaming experience.
  • PC Gaming Monitor: Are you using a single monitor or multiple monitors? Make sure you have ample space to accommodate your gaming setup. Also, consider your monitor position to avoid neck strain while gaming. You can either use a monitor stand or, better yet, a monitor mount. 
  • PC Gaming Chair: Invest in PC gaming chairs that are well-suited for your comfort needs. Lumbar support or full-body support are top features of a comfy chair if you plan on enjoying long gaming sessions. You can even get PC gaming chairs with massage functions for maximum comfort.

Ultimate Console Gaming Setup – What Do You Need?

Whether you’re playing on a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox, the ultimate console gaming setup requires a couple of essentials.

Console Gaming is a Way of Life

  • Console Gaming TV: You can find gaming TV screens in different shapes and sizes. How big your gaming TV you can invest in really depends on the size fo your gaming space. Generally, 43 to 55 inches gaming TVs are considered optimal. Other essential features to consider when choosing one: TV screen resolution, HDR capabilities, panel type, connectivity, refresh rate, and input lag.
  • Entertainment Center: Typical console gaming setups include a gaming TV stand over an entertainment center or attached to a mount that elevates it above eye level. 
  • Console Gaming Chair: A console gaming chair differs from a PC gaming chair in that it sits lower on the floor. They are designed to promote a more relaxed and comfortable gaming experience. You can choose two comfortable chair styles: floor chair and rocker chair. Floor chairs like bean bag chairs are usually oversized with soft cushions, while rocker chairs are sturdier, rock freely back and forth, and have reclining capabilities. 

Video Gaming Room Ideas and Designs

You’ve got the basics. Now it’s time to complete the setup and design of that beautiful video game room you’ve been dreaming about, whether you’re a PC or a console gamer. 

Ambient Lighting in a Small Space

Whether you plan to keep things simple or go big, here are a few cool video game room ideas and designs to inspire you. 

Game Room/Bedroom Setup for a Small Gaming Room Setup

Short on space? Even without an entire room dedicated to your gaming hobby, that’s perfectly fine. How about a hybrid room that moonlights as a comfy bedroom by night and a fantastic gaming setup by day (or vice versa)? It’s a fantastic small room set up for gamers.

Regardless of how little space you have for setting up your video game essentials, a little creativity and styling can go a long way to giving you a gaming haven. Rearrange the space to take advantage of every last inch of your bedroom. 

Place your bed flush to one corner and a sizable gaming desk in another. You can either have an open floor plan or use a screen divider to separate your bedroom from your gaming area. 

Home-Office Gaming Setup

Separate work and play, they say. But you know what? You don’t have to! It’s possible to work hard and play harder with a fantastic home-office/gaming room design combo to take advantage of your home office space as your video gaming room. 

The Best of Both Worlds

You have plenty of options in setting up the space:

  • Set up a single workstation to effortlessly transition between work and play.
  • Set up two desks opposite each other, one for work and the other for play. You can also split the area with a screen divider to separate the two, or not, your choice. 

Modern Minimalist Video Game Room

Do you prefer a sleek and cohesive interior for your video game setup? A modern minimalist style will be the perfect gaming room idea for you. 

A Minimalist Entertainment Center

Minimalism doesn’t mean getting rid of all things. It simply means only putting and using what is necessary. The basic idea for this gaming room style is to set up a simple, clean desk, choose a simple color scheme, streamline your furniture, and go cordless or get creative with cable management ideas

Over-the-Top RGB Video Gaming Room Ideas

Maybe what you prefer is some snazzy lighting to make your gaming room setup pop. It turns out RGB lighting can bring so much personality and a cool vibe to your gaming haven. Consider:

  • Built-in RGB lighting in computer components (power supply, cooling fan, RAM, chassis, etc.) or your PC peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers)
  • Built-in RGB lighting in the gaming table frame
  • RGB wall light panels
  • RGB table lamps
  • Smart LED lighting strips on shelves, wall corners, and any other location.

It’s okay to go as crazy as you want. Your keyboard could be pink, your mouse purple, and your wall art is pulsing like a rainbow of colors. Because apparently, there is no such this as too much RGB lighting! 

The Ultimate Rec Space: Epic Gaming Room Setup

Calling all gamers, poker players, pool sharks, and board game fanatics. It’s high time to transform that spare room into the ultimate gaming room setup of your dreams! 

The Ultimate Gaming Room Ideas

You can finally cancel those nights standing around in bars watching the game or brooding over your jealousy of other people’s gaming rooms. and playrooms with friends.

Let’s build the ultimate gaming room for kids and kids at heart to have fun at home all day and all night long. 

Game Room Style and Setup Ideas

Go all out with these game room ideas and designs for an epic entertainment space!

Gaming and Movie Room Setup

The Full Entertainment Industry Experience

Play one round (or two!) of ping pong or pool or binge-watch some comedy movies, all in the same place! When you set up a projector or a huge screen, your gaming room can double as a family room for movie nights.

Just don’t forget to add extra comfy sectionals or sofas for everyone to lounge on and warm up the space with some earthy colors to complete the vibe. 

Sports Game Room Design for the Sports Fan

Welcome Sports Fans

Are you a football fan? Maybe you’re an avid hockey fanatic. Or, it could be soccer or golf. Whatever your favorite sports, use that as inspiration when styling your gaming room. 

Pay tribute to your all-time favorite team and players by utilizing the wall as the perfect place for your massive library of sports memorabilia. Do you have a collection of your fave players’ jerseys? Get those framed and turned into wall art!

Old-School Arcade Room

Old School Gaming Room Ideas
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Deck out your gaming room with old-school arcade games. Bring some pinball machines! You can even get a coin-operated one, and the kids will surely start saving some coins to play.

If you want to go extra retro, classic video game consoles are all the rage. 

And how about installing a kid-sized, arcade-style basketball hoop in that area at the back? Kids and elderlies alike will surely have a great time shooting hoops. 

Multipurpose Gaming Room

MultiFunctional Gaming Room

Make your rec room double-duty! Investing in multi-functional pieces, like a pool table that can transform into an extra dining table for special occasions, is among the best ways to get the most out of a room. 

Or, you can add a disco ball and a sick theater system to your gaming setup to instantly turn the entire space into the perfect backdrop for a family karaoke night!

Card Game Corner

Card Games Give More Decorating Ideas

If you have less space to convert into a gaming setup, how about a game corner instead? It’s a great gaming room set up for small spaces.

You can transform any unused nook into a game corner where you can play anything from card games and plenty of board games

Just make sure you have some space to store your board game collection. Maybe custom-build a board game table with storage below. Or, hang your board games on the wall. That will give you a quick storage solution and a fantastic way to spruce up blank, uninspiring walls too! 

Why Not Add a Bar to Your Gaming Room?

Who Wouldn't Love a Bar

Party-proof your game room and make the space adult-friendly! Can a game room really be complete without a bar?

A wet bar with a couple of high-top stools in the corner of your gaming room adds extra seating for friends. But most importantly, it will make sure everyone has gamer fuel close by when needed! 

If you have the space for it, consider adding a full bar. But if the room is limited, simply adding a mini-fridge to keep your drinks chilled will do. 

Other Video Game Room Ideas?

When decorating a gaming room you have the space to go all out! The following ideas will all make perfect additions to the atmosphere in your room. You can create an exciting entertainment space for all ages if you have the space.

Endless Gaming Room Setup Ideas
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Basically, you can add as many fun games as the area permits.

  • Pool table
  • Ping pong table
  • Shuffleboard
  • Air hockey table
  • Card table
  • Dartboard
  • Foosball table
  • Poker table

And don’t forget to adorn the walls (or even the floor) with the appropriate game room decor. Expert gaming room decor tip – stick to your interests!

  • Create a vintage-looking gaming room setup by hanging old arcade games. 
  • Use sports, music, or movie memorabilia as your wall decor. 
  • Create a floor-to-ceiling shelf to store your video game collections and other collectibles. 
  • Create a themed room with your favorite games, designs, artists, or anything as the focal point or wall decor of the gaming area. 

Final Thoughts – Gaming Room Ideas

Whatever you include in your game room setup should appeal to your own sensibilities. After all, you’re the one planning your gaming setup and the one going to spend the most time there. But creating an inviting, comfy space complete with cool and exciting decor ideas to have guests and friends welcome is always a plus. 

Whether you want to have arcade games or video games, or retro-inspired wall art in your gaming room, surely you have plenty of game room setup and decorating ideas and inspiration now.

Who’s ready to start their gaming room design now? Hand’s up! Or better yet, drop your gamer room ideas and plans in the comments below!