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Google Glass Titanium Collection

To date, Google Glass has left very little room for originality or embellishment.  The ocular hardware of Glass juts out over a standard pair of less-than-cool eyeglasses.  While they are still certainly a conversation piece, they leave plenty to be desired in the aesthetics department.  At least they once did, because Google is finally providing a bit of personality with  the Google Glass Titanium Collection, a series of eyewear options that finally address the other side of the wearable technology formula– fashion.

Google’s new Google Glass Titanium Collection comprises four new styles and five colorways, including two twist-on sunglasses and two lightweight titanium eyeglass frames.  The latter set of eyeglass frames are prescription-friendly, and are available for insurance coverage under some carriers.  All of these use the second gen Google Glass hardware, which includes a mono earbud instead of the bone-conducting speaker of the last generation.  The result isn’t to emphasize the technical upgrade of the second gen Glass system, but to facilitate a more fashion-friendly approach to wearing Glass.

That emphasis on style is a welcome change for Google Glass.  An ignorance of fashion can be a downfall of wearable technology, and the original shape and design of Glass had dated quite quickly as trends moved on from its first iteration.  With the unchanged-shape of the original Google Glass system came a recognizable appearance, and any Google Glass Explorer will likely tell you that the recognition of Glass can be an annoyance.  A more streamlined, less standout design will allow Glass wearers to operate their visual Android systems without much attention from passers by.

For the first time since Google Glass was revealed, the new Google Glass Titanium Collection achieves something different.  Google Glass finally looks like a pair of glasses.  Sure, the ocular hardware is still noticeable, but it’s still a fashionable fixture of technology.  The accompanying eyeglass element is now as functional and fashionable as it has ever been.  For the hottest piece of wearable technology, that’s a big step forward.

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