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    The 7 Best Grill Rotisserie Kits to Get the Perfect Char
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The 7 Best Grill Rotisserie Kits to Get the Perfect Char

You may not have the luxury of a built-in rotisserie, but you can still spit roast some delectable meats with a complete grill rotisserie kit. Today, we’re looking at the 7 best rotisserie kits for an array of grill types and budgets. Best of all, you likely don’t even need to upgrade your grill to get in the game.

Best Rotisserie Kits for the Grill

Rotisserie cooking dates back to medieval times, and it’s easy to see why. Rotisserie grill cooking, also known as spit roasting, involves rotating the meat over a heat source using a rod.

The meat bastes itself in its fluids, resulting in a delicate and delectable result. You do not need a sophisticated setup to rotisserie chicken or pork at home. With the best rotisserie kits, you can create some of the best-tasting meats and vegetables directly on your grill.

The Top 7 Grill Rotisserie Kits for Outdoor Spit Roasting

Don’t worry if your barbecue doesn’t have a rotisserie built in. The following are some of the top rotisserie kits available, all of which are simple to set up.      

1. Weber Rotisserie Kit 2290 for Charcoal Kettle Grill

Weber Rotisserie Kit 2290 for Charcoal Kettle Grill
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The Weber 2290 is a wonderful option for adding a rotisserie kit to your charcoal kettle grill. It’s straightforward to use and fits well on all Weber 22-inch kettle grills.

This rotisserie attachment has a ring that positions the food ideally above the embers. This accomplishes two goals: it reduces an excessive smokey taste and allows for a slower, more even cooking process.

If you don’t have a Weber kettle grill with a 22-inch diameter but have another brand, this kit may still work with your charcoal grill. The ring allows you to cook meals with a greater diameter, such as ribs or turkey. It also features an excellent rotisserie motor kit, with a large enough notch for the spit end.

Additional spit forks and spits are available for purchase from Weber, which is a good idea if you wish to cook two different types of meat on your barbecue at the same time. While the other cooks, you can let the first cool on the spit.

2. Kamado Joe JoeTisserie Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit

Kamado Joe JoeTisserie Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit
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The JoeTisserie is a terrific addition to your Kamado Joe Classic grill. This rotisserie motor kit is designed for their traditional 18″ grill, but they also provide kits for their other models.

JoeTisserie is powered by a 120V motor and connects to regular wall sockets. This additional power enables you to load the JoeTisserie with up to 50 pounds of meat, making it an excellent option for parties where fantastic rotisserie-style meat is the focal point.

The spit and forks are made of 304 stainless steel, which is exceptionally sturdy. They can readily withstand the heat generated by your grill.

Additionally, the spit is appropriately balanced and tucks neatly into the ring, requiring no counterbalance with this rotisserie attachment. Though it seems rather small, the forks on this rotisserie are adjustable, allowing you to effortlessly add larger slices of meat. 

Because all stainless steel components are dishwasher safe, cleaning up this kit is a breeze after you’re finished cooking.

Our only criticism is that this package is a little costly. However, if you’re cooking rotisserie with a Kamado Joe Classic, this is your best option. What’s more. the JoeTissery comes with a one-year limited guarantee.

3. OneGrill Heavy Duty Universal Grill Rotisserie Motor Kit

OneGrill Heavy Duty Universal Grill Rotisserie Motor Kit
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The OneGrill Heavy Duty rotisserie kit is the way to go if you are looking for a universal grill rotisserie kit that can hold more and cook enough food for a party.

This stainless steel rotisserie system is designed to fit most barbecues up to 33 inches in length. However, it does come with an extender in case your grill is a little longer. 

Its 13-watt motor handles small, everyday cooking jobs with ease. However, it shines when cooking large amounts of food. This rotisserie kit is great for entertaining because it can handle up to 50 pounds of steak.

The diameter of the meals you put on the spit is the only drawback to this unit. Foods with a larger diameter, such as turkey, may come too close to the flame and become overly hot. Fortunately, you can circumvent that issue by placing a foil pan between the heat source and your foods, reducing heat and flare-up problems.

OneGrill’s counterweight mechanism on this rotisserie kit is fantastic. It allows subtle changes, which is crucial for a successful rotisserie experience.

This kit is also nice-looking; the stainless steel motor housing is a step up from the plastic housing found on other kits. However, keep in mind that it might get quite hot. Therefore, before removing the motor, make sure the grill is completely cool.

4. Weber Grill Rotisserie Kit 7652

High quality Weber 7652 rotisserie kit
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Looking for a Weber Genesis rotisserie kit? If you’ve got the Genesis II or II LX, then the 7652 grill rotisserie kit is the best choice. This rotisserie set can handle up to 20 pounds of meat at a go! Therefore, do not be afraid to throw on a big roast, a couple of chickens, or even a small turkey.

The Weber 7652 Rotisserie kit comes with a 9-watt electric motor that offers you enough power to spin your steak slowly and efficiently. However, if you are looking to roast larger food items, such as a full-grown turkey, this kit might not be for you, as it limits you to foods with a diameter of no more than 8 inches.

When using the Weber 7652 Rotisserie, remember to remove the grate and replace it with a foil pan. This prevents fluids from spilling straight into the flames, preventing flare-ups from burning your meal.

The spit comes in two pieces that must be assembled to cover the length of the grill entirely. Fortunately, it is a rather straightforward process. You will also appreciate that you can adjust the length of the prongs, allowing you to roast two or three chickens simultaneously.

Another thing you will like about the Weber 7652 Rotisserie kit is its ease of use and maintenance. In addition to being dishwasher safer, the included owner’s manual offers you practical advice to increase your cooking success.

5. Onlyfire Universal Rotisserie Kit Ring for Kettle Grills

Onlyfire Universal Rotisserie Attachment for Grill
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The Onlyfire Universal Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie kit is one of the most popular rotisserie kits for kettle grills. Everything about this unit is solid and of high quality.

This rotisserie kit’s heat-resistant steel ring is designed to be compatible with most standard size 21.5-22.5″  kettle grills, including Weber, Jumbo Joe, and Kingsford brands. The improvements to this kit have resulted in a more snug fit and better temperature control.

You will also appreciate the balancing counterweight that helps the spit maintain equilibrium when grilling hefty chunks of meat. As a result, this rotisserie kit can roast just about anything.

Other than that, the Onlyfire rotisserie is simple to set up and maintain, making it an excellent choice for most people.

6. Grizzly Spit Outdoor Electric BBQ Rotisserie Kit

Grizzly Spit Outdoor BBQ Rotisserie Kit
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Unlike other kits, you do not need a grill to cook with the Grizzly Spit fire pit rotisserie; all you need is an open flame.

The Grizzly Spit is a freestanding rotisserie kit. It comes with two vertical support rods, two spit forks, a polished steel support bar, and a motor. It also comes with a canvas storage bag, which is ideal for transporting your rotisserie to a camping trip.

With just two D-cell batteries, the rotisserie motor kit can run for up to 20 hours.

The Grizzly Spit fire pit rotisserie is an excellent choice for those looking for a freestanding, portable rotisserie kit. Campfire cooking has never been so convenient and effective!

7. Weber Grill Rotisserie Kit 7614 for Spirit 200/300 Series

Weber Grill Rotisserie Kit 7614 for Spirit 200/300 Series
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Another popular Weber model is the Weber 7614 Spirit rotisserie motor kit. This kit is specifically made for the Weber Spirit 200/300 series. Therefore, it is important to verify your model number before purchase to guarantee a proper fit.

The 7614 Spirit is a rather straightforward Weber rotisserie system. It consists of a motor, two spit forks, and a shaft. Since the forks are dishwasher safe, this unit is a breeze to clean after use. However, the shaft is not dishwasher safe, meaning you will have to clean it by hand.  

Fans of this model love its ease of use, solid construction, and quiet motor, but most of all, they enjoy the affordable pricing. That should not come as a surprise since Weber is known for producing high-quality products that are sturdy, built to last, and excel in various performance categories.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Grill Rotisserie Kit

There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to rotisserie grill kits. In fact, when it comes down to it, you only have two options—a rotisserie kit tailored to your barbecue or a universal rotisserie kit.

Both have inherent advantages and disadvantages, with the most significant difference being price.

Universal rotisserie kits are often less expensive than rotisserie kits designed specifically for your grill. It is also worth noting that buying straight from the manufacturer may be your only choice if you have a specialty grill.

Rotisserie Grill Kit Components

The following are the components that make up a rotisserie grill kit.

  • The Spit – This is the metal rod you’ll use to skewer your meat or hang a basket from. Stainless steel spits are easy to clean and last a long time. Make sure your spit comes with a set of counterweights.
  • Prongs – These are used to attach your meats on the spit and are also known as “forks.” Each end of your meat will be balanced with one prong or fork, preventing it from hanging into the fire.
  • Brackets for Support – Your BBQ rotisserie kit will include two sets of brackets—one for the motor and one for the spit’s open end. Most grills come with predrilled holes for the brackets, making installation simple.
  • Motor – They are available with two power options: Conventional 120V electricity or battery power. If you’re at home, we recommend using the 120V option. It’s more dependable and offers the motor greater power.

Best Rotisserie Kit: Final Thoughts

For millennia, rotisserie cooking has been used to create wonderful, moist, slow-cooked meats. That is because this cooking method retains the meat’s fluids, giving it a richer flavor.

A good grill is thus incomplete without a rotisserie kit. Sure, it can make fantastic burgers and steaks or even roast whole birds. However, if you want to take your grilling skills to the next level, you will need a rotisserie motor kit.

Got any suggestions for how best to use a grill rotisserie kit? What is your favorite food to spit roast? Give us a shout in the comments below!