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HondaJet: The Civic of the Skies

HondaJet Private Jet 1 HondaJet: The Civic of the Skies

The perfectionists at Honda have chosen a new turf to traverse, this time taking aim at the friendly skies.  Honda has officially revealed the HondaJet, a light jet prototype which promises 20% better fuel efficiency than the competition.  The new HondaJet boasts improved fuel economy thanks to light weight, composite materials, improved aerodynamics and a pair of wing-mounted high efficiency engines.  In a time when air travel is increasingly expensive due in part to fuel costs, a 20% improvement in fuel economy is a welcome sign to the world of private jet air travel.  The price for a new HondaJet, however, is still under wraps.  HondaJet remains a prototype, but it appears that Honda is committed to entering the jet business and may have news soon on how customers can get involved.  In the mean time, we’re happy just staring at the thing.  Quite lovely, isn’t it?  [honda via devicemag]

HondaJet Private Jet 5 HondaJet: The Civic of the Skies

HondaJet Private Jet Gallery

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