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150 Cat Puns: Funny Names, Phrases, and Cat Related Words

Cat puns are an entertaining string of feline quips to add to your joke-telling repertoire. Cat puns are relatable to many people, with cats being one of the most popular pets in the world. Even those that are not cat lovers will understand a cat pun and either groan or laugh in equal measure.

Best cat puns and jokes
Cat puns are a type of wordplay that incorporates cat-related terminology and feline humor

Cat puns dabble in a school of thought that says punning is a simplistic form of humor, however, it is a vital one to understand. Punning involves quick thinking and a level of language manipulation that stands you in great stead for more complex jokes down the road.

Funny cat puns fit into almost any situation and make even the most serious of conversations that little bit more lighthearted. Whether you are playing around with witty cat pun names, or want to test your skills with some meow puns that always get people smiling, cat puns give you the freedom to do so. Likewise, you have the ability to get creative and put together some fun cat coffee puns or even cat food puns. For something extra cute, kitten puns are always worth pulling out of your bag of tricks.

Many cat and dog puns are not just for humor but also add a touch of something special and personal to a statement, which is often just as important. The versatility of a good cat pun extends itself to the more difficult claw puns, as well as the amalgamation of culture and jokes with Star Wars cat puns. A combination that shouldn’t work, but somehow manages to do so with great aplomb.

As your cat pun skills develop, you learn how to apply them to almost any special occasion. There is no shortage of birthday cat puns, cat Mother’s Day, or even Christmas cat puns. There is a succession of cat puns to help celebrate any special day you can imagine. For example, Halloween cat puns are a particularly well-populated source of material, made more special given the importance of black cats to the day. Additionally, if you leave the spooky behind, love cat puns can help you celebrate the special person in your life. Whether expressing your feelings with Valentine’s Day cat puns or on any other day of the year, let your romantic side flourish with a good bit of feline wordplay. However, beware, cat puns provide easy content to create several dirty cat puns to add to your arsenal of jokes. Sure, dirty cat puns are only to be used with a very niche audience, but they are handy to have, just in case.

To truly make the most of your cat punning capabilities, you should make sure you know the different cat phrases to help you understand the use of language and comprehension. Additionally, arming yourself with cat synonyms and other cat-related words grants you the freedom to think beyond the obvious when creating your cat puns. Below, we examine different types of cat puns, phrases, and cat-related words to help you produce the purrfect cat puns.

10 Funny cat puns

Funny cat puns belong in every jokester’s arsenal. Cat puns are funny because they are ready to be brought out at any moment, and are easily adjusted to suit any situation. Cats are one of the most popular pets around, so you’re unlikely to come across somebody who doesn’t get your witty play on words.

Below are 10 funny cat puns perfect for everyday use.

1. Oh, you’ve cat to be kitten me with these funny cat puns.

2. Paw-don me, but are these cat puns fur real?

3. Some of these cat puns are just totally claw-ful!

4. There is a paw-sibility that I use cat puns too often.

5. My two cats are my very best fur-riends

6. I’m very fur-tunate to know so many funny cat puns!

7. I find cat puns hiss-terical!

8. A day without puns is an utter cat-astrophe!

9. It’s a new day and I am feline good!

10. These funny puns really are the cat’s paw-jamas!

10 Witty cat pun names

Witty cat pun names are a timeless way to pun. So many names lend themselves to cat puns. The truly witty cat pun names go beyond merely using names that already have “cat” in them. The true test of punners’ skill is how they take names and insert something cat-like into them.

Below are 10 witty cat pun names that set the standard for animal puns.

11. Cleo-cat-ra

12. Paw-mela Anderson

13. Sir Isaac Mew-ton

14. William Shakes-purr

15. Katy Purr-y

16. Matt-mew Purr-y

17. Al-purr-t Einstein

18. Cindy Claw-ford

19. Paw-l Mewman

20. Jenni-fur Lawrence

10 Chortle-worthy meow puns

Meow puns are a natural extension of cat puns that use the onomatopoetic sound a cat makes. The true art of punning is in the ability to create word associations within your puns. Thinking outside of the (litter) box and finding other cat-like words to use in your puns.

Below are two chortle-worthy meow puns that flex the cat-punning muscles.

21. I’ll always be by your side, meow and forever!

22. I love meow

23. Will you moew-y me?

24. How do you like my cat puns meow?

25. Any minute meow, I’m going to come out with a cat pun.

26. Wait a moewment, there’s a cat pun on the way

27. I heard the mews, meow are you doing?

28. Thinking of cat puns can really stress meowt

29. Sometimes it’s important to hit paws on life and just live in the here and meow.

30. Today’s a special day, moew-zel tov

5 Entertaining kitten puns

Entertaining kitten puns involve lively wordplay that aligns perfectly with the subject matter. Remember that kitten puns are not juvenile nor something you need to leave behind as you age. Rather, kitten puns are another way to show your linguistic skills when it comes to punning.

Below are five entertaining kitten puns guaranteed to make you smile.

31. Are you kitten me right meow?

32. There’s something you’re not telling me. It’s kitten all over your face.

33. Don’t worry about me, I’m alive and kitten!

34. No kitten, I love cat puns too.

35. These shoes I was kitten last week are as good as mew.

7 Satisfying cat coffee puns

Cat coffee puns are the combination of two classic punning themes. Coffee puns and cat puns rarely fail to get a laugh. Cat puns have a simplicity about them that lends themselves to such flexibility as to be combined with more niche levels of punning.

Below are seven satisfying cat coffee puns that always hit the spot.

36. I’ll have a cat-puccino to go please.

37. Or maybe the caramel ca-purr-cchino.

38. Can I have my coffee meow?

39. Would mew like sugar with your coffee?

40. A latte meow-cciato would be purr-fect.

41. I grind my own coffee beans with a purr-grinder.

42. It’s un-paw-tunate that you don’t drink coffee

12 Great cat food puns

Cat food puns are food related puns using cat-like words. Great cat food puns means more than finding a clever way to work Purina into a sentence. Great flexibility is needed to make cat food puns effective, but with some time, effort and a lot of practice they roll of the tongue with ease.

Below are twelve great cat food puns to get you started.

43. I’ll have some paw-pcorn with the movie.

44. Avo-cat-do on toast.

45. Would you like tacos or a purr-ito for dinner?

46. I like a nice tem-purr-a batter.

47. I make a mean paw-sta salad.

48. Today’s special is a baked purr-tato with tuna.

49. I bought a fresh water-meow-len yesterday.

50. Could I get you a nice cold glass of purr-secco?

51. Maybe a meow-tini?

52. My kids and I love roasting marsh-meow-lows round the campfire.

53. My favorite meal out is a ham-purr-ger and fries.

54. I’m also partial to a nice fa-cat-ccia.

6 Awesome claw puns

Awesome claw puns are linguistic quips that involve claws and paws. Claw puns are tricky, and much like with cats, you need to be careful. Using claw puns is often a tentative affair. Timing and enunciation is important with claw puns, as they are more often spoken rather than written. Practice with a smaller audience and get the hang of how to deliver cat claw puns, then once you’re confident, add them into your comedic rotation.

Below are six p-awesome cat claw puns.

55. Music they play on the radio today is just clawful.

56. My cat hates it when I watch the Texas Chain-claw Massacre.

57. I should know the answer, but I’m clawing a blank.

58. We’re married under the terms of common claw.

59. This is the last claw, things can’t carry on like this.

60. Today we were learning about the third claw of thermodynamics.

7 Timeless dog and cat puns

Dog and cat puns are a fusion of humorous figures of speech involving dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are long-storied rivals in the animal kingdom. Therefore, dog and cat puns are an expression of this rivalry, with the puns offering something from both sides simultaneously.

Below are seven of the most timeless dog and cat puns.

61. Dogs make a very fur-middable opponent for cats.

62. It’s raining cats and dogs, be careful not to step in a poodle.

63. I am a purr-fessional dog-leganger

64. Mew are looking mighty fetching tonight!

65. I have a feline that I’ve seen that ruff-ian somewhere before.

66. Are you kitten me, the pup-erazzi is everywhere.

67. Many people think that dogs are in-fur-ior to cats, but I disagree.

10 Out of this world Star Wars cat names puns

Star Wars cat puns are a must do classic that combines funny felines with the sci-fi blockbuster hit. Watching Star Wars is a rite of passage for many people, and its continued relevance makes Star Wars cat puns a guaranteed hit. Punning with a franchise like Star Wars is fun because you often see the same words and names used for different puns. Star Wars cat puns are no exception and add another new spin onto some timeless names.

Below are 10 out of this world Star Wars cat puns.

68. Jabba the Mutt

69. Luke Skywalk-purr

70. Paw-dme

71. Lando Cat-rissian

72. Mew-llennium Falcon

73. Obi-Wan Cat-Nobi

74. Chew-paw-cca

75. Chewba-cat

76. Purr-incess Leia

77. Em-purr-or Palpatine

5 Celebratory cat birthday puns

Cat birthday puns are the ultimate way to send birthday wishes to the cat lovers in your life. Cat birthday puns are relatively straightforward to come up with, as there are only a limited number of phrases directly related to birthdays. Creativity is important with cat birthday puns, but if you only use them once a year, you have plenty of time to think for new puns.

Below are five cool celebratory cat birthday puns.

78. Hope you have a totally paw-some birthday!

79. Happy birthday to mew!

80. What time is the birthday paw-ty?

81. You’re kitten me right, you’ve got to be younger than that.

82. May your birthday be filled with paws-itivity and lots of cake!

5 Happy Mother’s Day cat puns

Happy Mother’s Day cat puns combine feline companions and a mother’s love. Mother’s Day cat puns are a yearly affair that do not have a whole host of options but still manage to convey the full message of love and respect the day deserves. Mother’s Day puns are a fun way to express your appreciation for your cat-loving mother, and show her you care.

Below are five happy Mother’s Day cat puns that are perfect for any moggy mom.

83. Happy Moggies Day!

84. Happy Moth-purrs-day.

85. To the purr-fect mother.

86. Have a paw-some Mother’s Day.

87. Mom, thank mew for everything you do.

10 Cool Halloween cat puns

Halloween cat puns are a cool way to incorporate cats into the spooky season. Halloween cat puns are an incredible tool to help those that struggle with the creepy nature of the day. Whether they are old or young, the therapeutic effect of comedy helps conquer even the scariest of occasions.

Below are 10 cool cat-themed Halloween puns that help those that struggle with the scares October 31st brings.

88. Happy Hal-meow-een

89. Have a good time.

90. Look at all the cat-o-lanterns.

91. We need to carve a purr-mpkin tonight.

92. It’s really feline spooky tonight.

93. It’s pretty creepy meow-tside right now.

94. I’m going to dress up as the grim rea-purr for Halloween.

95. My friend dressed as a vam-purr.

96. I think my brother might be purr-sessed!

97. It looks like the zombie a-paw-calypse out there!

10 Festive Christmas cat puns

Christmas cat puns help make the festive season a little more fun. Cats are part of the family and should be included in the festivities. Coming up with a range of Christmas cat puns is a fun way to add an extra bit of humor into proceedings. At the very least they will be funnier than some of the cracker jokes you’ll have to listen to.

Below are 10 fabulously festive Christmas cat puns.

98. Merry Cat-mas

99. Hopefully Santa Claws will visit this year.

100. Fur-osty the snowman.

101. Fath-purr Christmas

102. Put the purr-esents under the tree.

103. Walking in a whisker wonderland.

104. The magic of Christmas makes everything paw-ssible.

105. All I want for Christmas is meow!

106. Jack Fur-rost is cat-nipping at your nose.

107. Meow-ry Christmas, everyone.

7 Special cat Valentine pun options

Cat Valentine pun ideas have nothing to do with the Nickelodeon TV series, Victorious, but everything to do with telling your feline-loving partner how much you love them. Nothing beats a cat Valentine pun if you’re looking for a special way to say how much you care. Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year and is a wonderful opportunity for you to get creative with how you express your affections.

Below are seven special cat Valentine pun examples to inspire you.

108. Will meow be my valentine?

109. I love meow now and forever.

110. You are all I knead this Valentine’s day.

111. Meow and I are going to be together fur-ever.

112. Words cannot express my felines for you.

113. I’m 100% s-kitten for you.

114. You’re one cool cat, will you be my meow-entine?

6 Dreamy Cat Love Puns

Love puns are the ultimate way to show your lovey-dovey nature when you’re with your other half. Nothing is better than the giddy feeling of being in love (except for being in love with someone who has a shared affinity for puns). Cat love puns are a special way for the two of you to share your affection in a way that is special only to you.

Below are six dreamy cat love puns that will make your other half swoon.

115. I love meow so very much.

116. I didn’t think it would be paw-ssible to love someone as much as I love meow.

117. I think you are absolutely purr-fect.

118. You’re the most a-mew-zing person I’ve ever met.

119. I’m paw-sitively head over heels in love.

120. You are my fur-ever love.

5 Downright dirty cat puns

Downright dirty cat puns are quippy cat jokes with a risqué twist. Dirty cat puns are like a drunken uncle at a wedding, nobody wants to take ownership but all enjoy retelling the stories the following morning. Creative dirty cat puns are not easy to make because of the obvious crude examples. However, if you keep digging deeper, you can really begin to let your creative juices flow.

Below are five downright dirty cat puns.

121. Meow chicka meow-meow.

122. My dog ran away, can I play with your pussy?

123. I’m feline horny!

124. Let’s go back to mine for a night of pleas-purr.

125. I knead mew to give me a good seeing to.

12 Absolutely classic cat phrases

Classic cat phrases are those commonly used expressions that are not quite puns but have a direct use in the everyday vernacular. Cat phrases might be common idiomatic expressions, but they will demonstrate the flexibility of the cats in word as much as in body.

Below are twelve absolutely classic cat phrases.

126. Curiosity killed the cat.

127. The cat is out of the bag.

128. No point in crying over spilled milk.

129. What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?

130. It’s like herding cats.

131. Look at that, it’s raining cats and dogs out there.

132. More skittish than a cat on a hot tin roof.

133. You look like the cat that got the cream.

134. There’s not enough room to swing a cat.

135. When the cat’s away the mice will play.

136. Grinning like a Cheshire cat.

137. This really is the cat’s pajamas.

13 General cat-related words

General cat-related words are important to understand as they introduce you to the full spectrum of punning possibilities. Any word in the below list fits perfectly into any potential cat puns you might wish to create.

Below are thirteen general cat-related words that are sure to help your pun skills progress.

138. Kitten

139. Kitty

140. Mog

141. Moggy

142. Puss

143. Pussy

144. Tom cat

145. Tortoiseshell

146. Ginger

147. Tabby

148. Pussycat

149. Feline

150. Kitty-cat

What makes cat puns so funny?

Cat puns are funny because they are a play on words that use cats or cat-related words to make an otherwise boring sentence humorous. Cat puns are not everybody’s cup of tea. Some roll their eyes and others scoff at the merest utterance of a cat pun. However, there are plenty of people, old and young alike, who appreciate the art of a good pun. Additionally, everybody understands that cats are inherently sinister yet comical characters. Just look at the endless supply of cat memes out there. People find cat puns funny because they relate to a subject everybody understands and sometimes a quick laugh is just the thing you need to turn your day around.