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260 Halloween Puns for the Spooky Season

Halloween puns abound during the holidays. Halloween occurs on a single night which adds to the potency of Halloween puns. There is a build-up to the day itself, but the celebration peaks on Halloween night. All attempts at Halloween humor consequently have an underlying degree of spookiness attached to them, whether they are funny Halloween puns or funny Halloween sayings.

Best Halloween jokes
Halloween puns are a form of humor combining the October holiday and witty wordplay

Halloween provides a fantastic opportunity for jokes and Halloween puns, as there are many different components that offer different humorous possibilities. For example, spooky Halloween costume puns are a great way to ease into the Halloween spirit, while Halloween pun names provide the classic cornerstone for any budding comic. Halloween is primarily about the scare factor, but the holiday also caters to fans of all ages. Halloween puns for kids and trick-or-treat puns offer a great bit of comic relief and help reduce the spooky factor of Halloween puns as a result. That said, Halloween wouldn’t be the holiday it is without a dearth of spooky Halloween puns and spicy Halloween puns for adults.

Halloween puns manifest in three additional ways as well. Firstly, Halloween is a holiday dedicated to the eerie creatures that go bump in the night, so every beastie has its own pool of Halloween puns you can draw from. Ghost puns and the subset of boo puns offer a broad spectrum of punnage for people who want to play it safe. Secondly, Halloween provides a collection of skeleton puns, witch puns, and zombie puns that are enough to keep any group of ardent Halloween fans entertained—whether you’re trick or treating, getting dressed up for a costume party, or simply enjoying a quiet night in with some candy and scary movies. Thirdly, Halloween puns play a significant role in the commercial side of the holiday. From candy (corny) puns to Halloween marketing puns and real estate Halloween puns, every business can win with a spooky play on words and the right campaign.

Halloween presents everybody with the chance to come out of their shell and be something or somebody they aren’t the rest of the year. The opportunity for pun variety is equally rich during Halloween, so for those looking to move in a direction completely different from the norm, there are some tremendously funny Halloween dog puns and a fair share of Halloween cat puns. Anybody contemplating adding some Halloween humor to their repertoire similarly must use the occasional pumpkin joke and Halloween one-liner.

A few good Halloween puns never go amiss, whatever your type of humor. The true skill of any good comic is being able to read the room, whether on stage at the London Palladium or dropping Halloween party puns at the yearly office get-together.

10 Stunningly funny Halloween puns

Funny Halloween puns are a staple of the holiday spirit. After all, Halloween is a time for ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night, but it’s also a night of fun and games. Dropping a few funny Halloween puns into the night’s festivities helps keep the good times rolling. Funny Halloween puns also afford jokesters a wide range of topics to cover, making them one of the more varied pun sets you’re likely to find.

Below are 10 stunningly funny Halloween puns to help laugh away the fears.

1. Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.

2. Have a fang-tastic Halloween!

3. You’re just my (blood) type.

4. Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern.

5. You’re the pick of the patch.

6. Orange you excited about Halloween?

7. Fangs for the memories.

8. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

9. The Pun-kin King of Halloween!

10. Have an eek-tastic Halloween!

10 Spooky Halloween costume puns

Halloween costume puns offer a double source of material. Some Halloween costume puns play off the holiday in general terms, while others create a more specific pun about a costume. The trick with costume-based puns is that they are less frequently dropped into conversation as they are used to name and explain an individual’s Halloween costume. You should therefore be selective and creative about using Halloween costume puns.

Below are 10 spooky Halloween costume puns that cover all the bases.

11. Hallow-queen.

12. My costume is eerie-sistible.

13. My costume really struck a gourd with me this year.

14. A Knight in (the) Shining armor.

15. Taco Belle.

16. Lion-ardo da Vinci.

17. An Insta-Gran(ny).

18. Prince (Lucky) Charm-ing.

19. A spooky sand-witch.

20. Little house on the fairy.

10 Hilarious Halloween pun names

Halloween pun names are a staple of the season. Turning someone’s name into a pun is one of the earliest forms of punning we experience as children. Joke names we share across the playground introduce the concept of wordplay before we are old enough to truly understand it. Halloween name puns are no different than those schoolyard nicknames. The only distinction is that Halloween pun names have a darker and oftentimes more adult undertone. You have the freedom and flexibility to play with first names, surnames, and even more formal naming conventions in order to get the maximum impact from your spooky pun.

Below are 10 hilarious Halloween pun names.

21. JenniFear

22. Lucy-fer

23. Hannah-ween

24. Batalie

25. Scare-ah

26. Robin Graves

27. Paul Terguist

28. Miss N. Limbs

29. Bea L. Zebub

30. Ivana Suckyourblood.

10 Halloween puns for kids

Halloween puns for kids help make the horror-filled holiday a family affair. All Hallow’s Eve is about embracing the scary things that bump around in the dark, but Halloween puns for kids help break the scariness down. As a result, the puns and similar spooky humor allow the holiday to be more embraceable for young and old alike. Halloween puns for kids additionally have a wonderful simplicity to them and often embrace the innocence of youth. Innocence is the perfect combination for a horror-based holiday and produces some truly memorable pun opportunities.

Below are 10 awesome Halloween puns for kids.

31. Skeletons are sad because they have no body to love.

32. Nobody should be afraid of skeletons; they’re totally gutless.

33. Vampires are such a pain in the neck.

34. The best dog for scaring away monsters is a bloodhound.

35. A zombie’s favorite ride is the roller-ghoster.

36. All witches are really good at spell-ing.

37. You can always tell when a ghost is lying because you can see right through them.

38. The coolest ghosts spend the holiday down in Mali-boo.

39. Do witch housekeepers offer broom service?

40. Do vampires always keep their money in a blood bank?

10 Corny trick-or-treat puns to take door to door

Trick-or-treat puns are a natural component of Halloween wordplay. Many children grow up trick or treating and even more on corny set-ups. Trick-or-treat puns are, therefore, something many can relate to. The common understanding and familiarity with trick or treating also adds a little more diversity to what is an otherwise highly niche topic for punning.

Below are 10 corny trick-or-treat puns.

41. Trick or treat yo’self.

42. Tricks or it didn’t happen.

43. Trick or treat, witches.

44. Zombies like to trick or treat on dead-end streets.

45. When ghosts go trick or treating: Trick or treat, give me something sweet to sheet.

46. I know every trick or treat in the book.

47. Trick or treat yourself to some candy this Halloween.

48. Do birds go trick or tweeting?

49. I’ve got my trick-or-treat snacks in my bat-pack.

50. Don’t be afraid, it’s just the light playing trick (or treat) with your mind.

10 Spooky puns that capture the Halloween spirit

Spooky puns help capture the true spirit of Halloween through its subject matter. Using spooky puns keeps the fear factor of the holiday while maintaining a fun feel. Spooky Halloween puns additionally have a wide range because there are no limits tying them down to a more specific subject or sub-niche (as is the case for trick-or-treat or costume puns). Furthermore, spooky puns have the flexibility of subject matter to be funny, creepy, dad-like, or a combination of all three.

Below are 10 wonderfully spooky puns that truly capture the Halloween spirit.

51. Ghosts are great as cheerleaders since they have high spirits.

52. My daughter went trick or treating dressed as a wizard so she could get any candy she wanded.

53. I just took a DNA test; turns out I am 100% a basic witch!

54. Creeping it real this Halloween.

55. You’ve ghost to be kidding me.

56. Time to boo-gie!

57. I got my costume from the boo-tique.

58. Ghosts just wanna have fun!

59. It’s easy to take candy from vampires because they are such suckers.

60. Damn girl, you’re putting the ‘boo’ in booty.

10 Chilling ghost puns to starch your sheets

Ghost puns are an integral part of Halloween wordsmithery. Ghosts are key to the holiday if not the premier image that comes to mind. Ghost Halloween puns, therefore, are one of the more commonly heard puns on October 31st. Ghosts may seem like a small niche, but ghost puns have a wealth of material to work with, and it shows in the varied range of puns regularly pushed each year.

Below are 10 chilling ghost Halloween puns for all members of the family.

61. The ghostess with the mostest.

62. Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.

63. Just hanging out with my ghoul friends.

64. If you’ve got it, haunt it.

65. #Squadghouls.

66. Fasten your sheet belts!

67. I love reading Romeo and Ghouliet.

68. Can’t make your Halloween party, I’m out of town, but I’ll send you a ghostcard.

69. This party is a real spook-tacle.

70. Boo unto others as you would have others boo unto you at Halloween.

10 Boo puns that are Halloween classics

Boo puns are an extension of ghost Halloween puns. The puns demonstrate a wealth of material for spectral-inspired wordplay. A simple word, boo, can be inserted into a wide variety of phrases, making the potential of boo puns staggering. Boo is a classic ghostly sound and immediately conjures images of haunted houses and creepy nights. The word adds an instant creepy yet playful feel to any boo or ghost Halloween puns.

Below are 10 classic boo puns that everybody can use.

71. Fa-boo-lous!

72. Boo-yah!

73. Shake your boo-ty

74. Hey boo-tiful.

75. I’m here for the boos.

76. Boo Felicia.

77. Hey boo, let’s get sheet-faced.

78. It hit me like a bolt from the boo!

79. What a lovely booquet.

80. I guess that’s why they call it the boos.

10 Unforgettable skeleton puns too good not to retell

Skeleton puns are a brand of skeletal-themed Halloween quips. Skeletons are a gothic Halloween institution, which makes skeleton puns an important part of any spooky comedian’s repertoire. Skeletons might not have any meat on their bones, but there’s plenty of material to go around for the creative word-slinger to create a wide array of devilishly good skeleton puns.

Below are 10 unforgettable skeleton puns for Halloween that you will be telling for years to come.

81. I was bone to be wild.

82. Some people have no guts.

83. I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn’t find it very humerus.

84. Let’s have some skele-fun.

85. This is a hip joint.

86. You just need to spine on the dotted line.

87. Bone appetit!

88. Do you play the trom-bone?

89. You can’t skele-run from my skele-puns.

90. See ya wouldn’t want tibia ya!

10 Witch puns perfect for bewitching your audience

Witch puns are another classic part of any Halloween comedy routine. Witch puns for Halloween afford some creative license to cover wiccan and magical terms, provided you don’t stray too far from the source. The trick with witch puns for Halloween is to keep them casual, like throwaway lines you drop into a conversation as not all puns need a setup or to be used as a punchline. Witch puns are no exception. The quips are therefore perfect to drop and let the spirit of the holiday give them their wings.

Below are 10 witch puns that will hold your audience spellbound.

91. Candy is dandy, but liquor is wicca!

92. Witch way to the pumpkin patch?

93. Resting witch face.

94. Witching you a happy Halloween.

95. Witch better have my candy.

96. You say witch like it’s a bad thing.

97. I just want to be witch and famous.

98. What’s up my witches?

99. Bow down, witches.

100. No point crying over spelled milk.

10 Hilarious zombie puns funny enough to wake the dead

Zombie puns are another subset of monster-themed Halloween puns. The quips capitalize on the popularity of films, TV shows, comic books, and other franchises about the living dead that are prominent during October. Zombie puns for Halloween give you a range of options and words to play around with, such as the undead angle or the various body parts that serve as the tastiest distractions. Zombie puns are a delicious addition to any skit you may decide to run on All Hallow’s Eve. Just remember to use the puns sparingly, as too much of a gruesomely good thing can make it bad.

Below are 10 hilarious zombie puns that make people laugh loud enough to wake the dead.

101. The zombie thinks this is the best thing since sliced head.

102. Let’s go paint the town dead!

103. Hardworking zombies are really dead-icated.

104. I’m dead tired but wouldn’t miss the Halloween party for the world.

105. This joke is just dead in the water.

106. Will there be any zom-brie at the party?

107. My date gave me the cold shoulder all night long.

108. That’s a real no-brainer.

109. Baby, I chew-s you.

110. I just enlisted in the marine corpse.

10 Great bat puns for Halloween guaranteed to get some laughs

Bat puns are a sub-niche in Halloween wordplay. Bats and vampires often go hand in hand. However, there is much more to the humble bat than blood-drinking alone. Bat puns consequently deserve their time in the spotlight. Jokesters with a light-hearted, creative nature will have no problem reeling off any number of inventive and entertaining bat puns for Halloween.

Below are 10 amazing bat puns for Halloween, guaranteed to get some laughs.

111. Let’s hang out together sometime.

112. He’s got bats in the belfry.

113. Fancy a game of bat-minton tomorrow?

114. I sorted the party invitations into alpha-bat-ical order!

115. Like a bat out of hell.

116. The party had a wonderful acro-bat-ics display to close it out.

117. I’m all a-bat celebrating Halloween!

118. I’m bat to the bone!

119. Chew on gum to get rid of bat breath.

120. I’m looking for some-bat-ty to go to the Halloween party with.

10 Pawsome Halloween cat puns purrfect for a quick giggle

Halloween cat puns combine feline humor and the spooky season. Taking source material such as cat puns and applying them to a seasonal theme broadens the scope of standard Halloween puns. Cat-themed quips have a range of words and associated phrases that lend themselves seamlessly to witty wordplay. As a result, coming up with Halloween cat puns is easy.

Below are 10 pawsome Halloween cat puns.

121. I’ve got a spooky feline about this!

122. Happy Meeoween.

123. Have a purr-fect Halloween.

124. I’m not kitten you, but I’m really freaked out right meow.

125. Are you fur real with that ghost costume?

126. I think my brother is paw-ssessed!

127. That’s a su-paw good costume you’re wearing.

128. Want to help me carve a cat o’lantern?

129. What a paw-some Halloween party!

130. Let me light the candle in my purr-mpkin.

10 Halloween dog puns guaranteed to make you howl with laughter

Halloween dog puns are another great opportunity for creative expression. The art of punning lies not in just using a single word but any word that holds a direct relationship with the base material. Halloween-centered dog puns offer numerous words that allow any comedic linguist to weave fantastic puns year after year. You don’t need to be a dog lover to appreciate Halloween dog puns. So commit a couple of these to memory, and you’ll always be prepared.

Below are 10 Halloween dog puns that are guaranteed to have you howling with laughter.

131. Happy Howl-oween.

132. Howl you doin’?

133. I’m the cutest pup-kin in the patch.

134. No tricks, just treats.

135. I’m replacing barks with boos for tonight.

136. It’s a sc-hairy world out there tonight.

137. Looking fur-ocious.

138. Pup-kin spice and everything nice.

139. Can I have a pug-kin spice latte, please?

140. Hope our matching costumes aren’t too corgi.

10 Fine and dandy candy puns for Halloween

Candy puns for Halloween are as commonplace as monster puns. Halloween is the night for ghosts and goblins, but the celebration itself centers on the practice of giving out sweet treats to children. Candy puns lend themselves naturally to October 31st, so it isn’t surprising there is such a sickly sweet array of clever candy puns to choose from. Sprinkling just a few candy-sweet puns into your comedy arsenal will stand you in great stead come autumn.

Below are 10 find-and-dandy candy puns perfect for Halloween.

141. Twix or treat!

142. Your costume is so realistic that it’s un-candy!

143. I will gourd my candy with my life!

144. I’m gonna be goblin candy all night long.

145. A bigger bag will definitely come in candy tonight.

146. I can’t Reese-ist a good Halloween pun.

147. I did some exorcise to prepare for all this candy.

148. These butter fingers better not drop any candy tonight.

149. Halloween is such a (candy) corny holiday.

150. They all snicker-ed from all these Halloween puns.

10 Perfect pumpkin puns for Halloween

Pumpkin Halloween puns are some of the most common puns for the spooky season. After all, pumpkins only come around once a year, and it is our duty to make the most of the seasonal cheer they bring. Pumpkin puns capture everything great about Halloween. However, the true power of pumpkin puns lies in them being part of the gourd family. There is endless potential for memorable pumpkin Halloween puns through some clever wordplay and a bit of poetic license.

Below are 10 pumpkin Halloween puns perfect for the time of year.

151. Math teachers love eating pumpkin pi!

152. You’re the pumpkin of my eye.

153. Go big or gourd home!

154. Oh my gourd-ness, it’s finally Halloween!

155. You are just waaay ahead of the carve!

156. Life is gourd!

157. In gourd, we trust

158. For gourd’s sake, more trick-or-treaters.

159. I get my jokes from the pun-kin patch.

160. Carving out some time for Halloween fun.

10 Chuckle-worthy Halloween food puns

Halloween food puns offer a broader take on punning than candy puns for Halloween. Food plays a pivotal role in any holiday, including the spooky season. Halloween doesn’t have many specific dishes tied to it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the spirit of Halloween lends itself perfectly to witty puns about food. Halloween food puns play on the entire spooky spectrum of the holiday and always leave a good taste in the mouth of your audience. You cannot overtly depend on food puns at Halloween, but throwing the odd coupe into conversation never goes amiss.

Below are 10 chuckle-worthy Halloween food puns.

161. These devils are egg-cellent!

162. You donut scare me.

163. These creepy cookies are fang-tastic!

164. I only have pies for you my undead queen.

165. Trick or eat!

166. These sweets are eerie-sistible.

167. We’re making boo-rritos this Halloween.

168. Do you want some cel-eerie soup?

169. Baking some choc-eyelid chip cookies.

170. We have falaf-ghouls for vegetarians.

10 Halloween party puns that keep the good times rolling

Halloween party puns are a combination of humor that never fails to draw a laugh. Halloween puns naturally belong at a Halloween party because the audience is there and everybody is in a good mood. Halloween party puns are as close as you get to a guaranteed laugh. When using Halloween Party puns, the trick is not to overthink things. Keep your Halloween party puns simple, and let the good vibes of the evening carry them to receptive ears.

Below are 10 cracking Halloween party puns that keep the good times rolling.

171. Time to get this party startled!

172. Eat, drink, and be scary.

173. A scare is born.

174. Carving out some time for Halloween fun.

175. I came to shake my boo-ty on the dance floor.

176. Witch Halloween party puns?

177. Boo-ya, what a party!

178. There are some wicked Halloween parties planned this year.

179. Orange you excited for this party?

180. Gonna dance the fright away at this Halloween party.

10 Surprising Halloween love puns

Halloween love puns provide a romantic spin on the spectral season. Love-centered Halloween puns are surprisingly plentiful, especially given that monsters and ghouls hardly promote romantic flames. Halloween love puns consequently show that the romantic spirit knows no bounds. That said, you need to give some thought to your target audience when looking to add some Halloween love puns into your comedic backlog. Love puns are a little more niche than the majority of other Halloween puns on our list.

Below are 10 surprising Halloween love puns that prove love conquers all holidays.

181. Too cute to spook.

182. You are lookin’ gourd-geous!

183. Hello, gourd-geous.

184. I met my wife at a Halloween party. It was love at first bite.

185. You’ve been haunting my mind all night long.

186. I witch you’d go out on a date with me.

187. Will you zom-be-mine?

188. Baby, I’m a ghoul for you.

199. I find you totally bewitching.

200. That zombie costume makes you look drop-dead gourd-geous.

10 Clever Halloween puns and one-liners

Halloween puns and one-liners consist of spooky quips that float between niches. The unclassifiable cryptid puns range from cheesy dad jokes to clever and witty. Meanwhile, the short, sharp punch that comes with out-of-the-blue, Halloween one-liners leaves a lasting mark and lends itself well to all-around chuckles. There is a level of silliness to Halloween puns and one-liners that help promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Great warm-up gags for early in the evening, our collection of Halloween puns helps get people in the spirit.

Below are 10 clever Halloween puns and one-liners that always go down a treat.

201. Is a werewolf with a fever called a hot dog?

202. I hate books set in graveyards because they have too many plots.

203. Exorcise is key to avoiding demon possession.

204. I have the spoo-key to get into that abandoned house.

205. Moan-day is a ghost’s favorite day of the week.

206. Hide and shriek is a ghost’s favorite party game.

207. Halloween is best when it falls on a Fright-day.

208. It might be cliche to dress as a skeleton for Halloween, but bad puns are where I really jaw the line!

209. The witch lost her job because she over-swept.

210. You should zom-be ashamed of yourself for these bad puns.

10 Dirty Halloween puns for adults

Dirty Halloween puns for adults illustrate the more explicit brand of holiday-themed humor. Any comedic topic needs to have a subsection of inappropriate puns grown-ups can enjoy. That said, Halloween puns for adults do not always need to be dirty in order to be unsuitable for younger ears. The quips allow for inference, making it so that many puns won’t be understood by a less mature audience.

Below are 10 fantastic but potentially dirty Halloween puns for adults.

211. Trick or tequila.

212. Nice Boos, sugar tits!

213. Life’s a witch, and then you fly.

214. I’m a haunt mess right now.

215. Having sex with vampires is great because they can’t come inside without permission.

216. I’d love to edraculate inside you.

217. Those are some great-looking paranormal en-titties you’ve got there.

218. Let’s be fiends with benefits.

219. I want all bat ass, baby!

220. You’re looking franken-fine tonight!

10 Clever Halloween marketing puns designs to boost business

Halloween marketing puns are a necessity for any business looking to make money during a holiday period. Marketing and punning go hand in hand due to the innate appeal of puns and holiday shopping. Take a walk around any shopping center during the build-up to Halloween, and you will be bombarded with a vast array of Halloween marketing puns. Many will be the same, simply swapping out a few brand or company names here or there. However, others will display a lot more originality as the marketing pun pool for Halloween has great depth. The quips simply require a creative mind to be successful.

Below are 10 clever Halloween marketing puns that drive more eyes to your products.

221. If you don’t join us for our Halloween sale, it will haunt you forever.

222. Fly, slither, or crawl, our Halloween offer has something for all!

223. Now Serving Witches, Ghouls, and Even Zombies.

224. Come on in, we promise not to bite!

225. There’s nothing scary about our prices.

226. Hungry for a scare?

227. Fresh Bite From The Oven.

228. Food Mummies Get Up For.

229. Run, save yourself (some money), or become one of them.

230. Food Is Tastier When You’re Scared.

10 Ingenious Halloween sales puns

Halloween sales puns serve the same purpose as Halloween marketing puns. Businesses understand the power and catchiness of puns in advertising. Ignoring the immense possibility of Halloween sales puns would be to let money slip through their fingers. Halloween-themed puns, therefore, offer the perfect chance for the extra-creative minds of marketing teams to flex their linguistic flair and create something memorable.

Below are 10 ingenious Halloween sales puns that serve as a great example of what can be achieved with a little seasonal thought.

231. Trick or treat yourself to some great bargains this Halloween.

232. These deals are sweeter than Halloween candy!

233. Halloween sale. No tricks, just treats!

234. Get a spooktacular deal with Halloween.

235. These low prices are a reason to scream this Halloween.

236. It’s witchful thinking to believe there are prices lower than these.

237. Missing this sale would be a monster of a mistake.

238. People are losing their heads for our low prices.

239. Terrifyingly low prices.

240. Come see our stock, with prices that’ll shock!

10 Intriguing real estate Halloween puns

Real estate Halloween puns are a growing commodity. Real estate is a serious business, but the holidays always put people in a jovial mood, and the housing industry is no exception. Real estate Halloween puns are proof of the ever-expanding acceptance of comedy in the workplace. The use of real estate Halloween puns additionally illustrates the wealth of potential that can be unearthed by a creative mind and a highly specific niche topic.

Below are 10 intriguingly smart real estate Halloween puns.

241. Don’t be haunted by the regret of not selling your house.

242. The market is bat-shit crazy right now.

243. We’ll make your house the most wanted pumpkin in this suburban patch.

244. List your home with us. We promise not to ghost you.

245. Sell your home with us this Halloween; we’ll tell folks the cobwebs are just decorations.

246. It’s a grave mistake not to list your house with us.

247. We’ll work our fingers to the bone in order to sell your home.

248. Let’s carve out some time to talk about listing your home.

249. Spacious homes with boos to take your breath away!

250. A broom with a great view.

10 Funny Halloween sayings to set the right mood

Funny Halloween sayings are the perfect way to set the mood during a conversation. Using the odd quote, quip, or funny Halloween saying helps to inject a bit of season joviality into proceedings. The spooky nature of the holiday additionally allows for flexibility for what counts as funny Halloween sayings, opening the door to dark humor and macabre expressions.

Below are 10 funny Halloween sayings that set the right mood and capture the spooky vibes of All Hallow’s Eve.

251. “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” – Mason Cooley

252. “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” Stephen King

253. “I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss.” – Gomez Adams

254. “When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.” – Unknown

255. “Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees, ‘Tonight is Halloween!'” – Dexter Kozen

256. “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.” – William Shakespeare

257. “There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.” – Mary Shelley

258. “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” – Edgar Allan Poe

259. “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” – Linus

260. “I can think of nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night. ” – Steve Almond