Alex Laybourne is a full-time article writer who finally made the switch after spending 11 years working in product management and software development. Alex started writing for TheCoolist in 2021 when he first dipped his toes into the freelance writing world. Since then, he has contributed articles on a range of subjects, including personality, mythology, and the natural world.

Alex’s most noted contributions to TheCoolist are the humor articles that hold onto his British coattails and bask in the glory of his sarcastic ways. In addition to being hilarious, Alex is also a purveyor of table-top violence. Be it as a barbarian, a paladin, a ranger, or, God forbid, a DM, his escapades around the table often lead to more confrontations than the group intended. Alex’s fanatical devotion to both the written word and fantasy mayhem has driven him to pen over 25 published novels and anthologies, primarily in the horror genre.

Highlights and Achievements


Growing up in England, Alex’s comedic style was driven by Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and the host of amazing comedians that made the 90s bearable. As a result, his love for writing comedy articles laced with sarcasm led him down a creative pathway ending at TheCoolist, a place where his words finally found the home they deserved.

Before becoming a full-time article writer, Alex wrote horror novels and dabbled in small freelancing projects on the side. As a writer in the midst of his journey, Alex is intent on writing as much as possible and learning about as many different things as he can before his ink runs dry.

Personal Quote

“Write drunk, edit slightly less drunk because the English language doesn’t make much sense anyway.”

Education and Qualifications

Alex finished high school with A-levels in English Literature, English Language, Biology, and Chemistry. He wanted to join the police force. However, a hiring freeze put the kibosh on that, and so he drifted through life and into a career he never asked for, all the while dreaming of writing.

While he has no formal qualifications or certifications to his name, he has been writing for as long as he can remember, learning the hardest but best way possible: by making all the mistakes and learning from them.