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83 Best Deez Nuts Jokes and Setups

Deez Nuts jokes are a type of practical joke or shocking body humor that is popular on the internet. Telling Deez Nuts jokes requires you to develop a proper sense of humor so you can deliver the offensive material with ease and without ruffling any feathers.

Funny deez nuts jokes
Deez nuts are practical jokes inspired by popular internet meme culture

Deez Nuts jokes first appeared in the early nineties, following Dr. Dre’s titular album track. However, Deez Nuts jokes didn’t hit the mainstream of public consciousness until 2015. A prank phone call posted on Instagram by WelvenDaGreat created a groundswell that shot Deez Nuts into the public eye. Following this, a clever teenager registered Deez Nuts as a presidential candidate in 2016, and astonishingly enough, they came in third behind Trump and Clinton, respectively.

Conceptually, Deez Nuts jokes are simple. You take any sentence and, where possible, add Deez Nuts to the end of it. However, the delivery of a Deez Nuts joke is what takes real skill. As more people become aware of Deez Nuts jokes, especially if you are a repeat offender, they learn to guard themselves better against them. The true art of telling the best Deez Nuts jokes is about working them into the conversation in such a natural way that people don’t stand a chance to see them coming. Great comedy, especially situational comedy, is not so much about big the punchline is but how natural the delivery is, leading up to a giant swerve right at the end. Unsuspecting comedy gets a natural reaction, and that makes the laughter that much sweeter.

Deez Nuts Jokes often seem crude and overly simplistic; however, comedy knows no boundaries, and each generation adds its own chapter into comedic history. Thanks to social media sites like Reddit and TikTok, Deez Nuts jokes found solid growth platforms. Social media and the surging success of visual humor such as memes, gives deez nuts jokes a fresh breath of life.

The surging popularity of Deez Nuts also gave rise to other similar joke styles, such as Bofa and Ligma. Bofa and Ligma jokes work on the same bases of setting people up in conversational form only to hit them with a crude punchline. Oftentimes, jokesters will combine Ligma and Bofa jokes with Deez Nuts for a doubly effective laugh.

Regardless of your view on Deez Nuts jokes, they own a place in comedy history. Deez Nuts jokes demonstrate a quick-wittedness and playfulness many overlook as being necessary to tell a good joke. Below we provide a rundown of 83 different Deez Nuts jokes to add to your memory bank.

12 of the best Deez Nuts jokes ever told

The best Deez Nuts jokes ever told are those that seem obvious and deliver a combined hit of a pun and Deez Nuts in one fell swoop. Deez Nuts jokes are different to many other jokes out there, as the punchline is always the same. As a result, Deez Nuts jokes require a high degree of quick-wittedness. You need to think on your feet and be ready to pull Deez Nuts out of your pocket at a moment’s notice.

Below are 12 of the best Deez Nuts jokes ever told.

1. Teacher: I’m sorry, but I’ve graded your paper, and I’m going to have to give you a D.
Student: Well, I’m sorry too, because I need to give you Ds also.
Teacher: What do you mean?
Student: Deez Nuts!

2. I heard you like to do Suko in your free time; is that true?
What is Suko?
Suko-n Deez Nuts!

3. Is your name Candice?
Candice, no, why?
Can Deez Nuts fit in your mouth?

4. My name must be Barry.
Because I want to Barry Deez nuts in you!

5. Do you want to play something by Imagine Dragons?
Sure, I can do.
Great, imagine dragging Deez Nuts over your face.

6. Do you like candy?
Great, so can Deez Nuts hit your face?

7. Do you know Landon?
Landon who?
Trip, fall, and Landon Deez Nuts!

8. Do you need a break?
Yes, I do.
Well, you don’t get a break from Deez Nuts.

9. Do you have any tulips?
What sort of tulips are you looking for?
I’m looking for tulips to kiss Deez Nuts.

10. Are you Phil?
Damn, I was hoping you would Phil Deez Nuts

11. What is your favorite animation studio?
That’s easy, Walt Deez Nutz!

12. I hate riding the train.
Really, well, if you want, you can always ride Deez Nuts!

10 Examples of a Deez Nuts joke no one knows

Deez Nuts jokes are incredibly versatile and a popular form of joke. In many instances, you are able to get away with just adding Deez Nuts to the end of any sentence, and something will more than likely laugh at it for you. Telling Deez Nuts jokes that are rare or previously unheard of is easier than many believe. The extreme flexibility of a Deez Nuts joke means there is no end of options and openings for them to be created.

Below are 10 examples of a Deez Nuts joke no one knows.

13. Have you heard of e10? The spaceship?
No, what’s that?
E10 Deez Nuts!

14. Guys, I just got diagnosed with SoDN!
Oh, no – what is that?
Suck on Deez Nuts!

15. I have a bunch of old albums; would you like 2 CDs?
Sure, thanks, dude!
To see Deez Nuts.

16. Can I borrow your pen?
Why don’t you borrow deez nuts?

17. Have you seen my hoodie?
What hoodie?
Who Deez Nuts belong to?

18. I gonna have to get me some of these.
Some of what?
Some of Deez Nuts.

19. Why do B and C not get along with D?
Because Deez Nuts!

20. Do you want any pudding?
Maybe just a little.
Great, start pudding Deez Nuts in your mouth.

21. I woke up with a goblin in my bed this morning.
A goblin, really?
Yep, it was goblin Deez Nuts!

22. I can’t believe those two have been together for nearly forty years.
Which two?
Deez Nuts!

12 Best Deez Nuts joke setup possibilities

Deez Nuts jokes are a unique form of punning that involves a two-way dialogue and consists of two main parts. The setup, which lures the other person into the joke, and the Deez Nuts pun that hits without warning. For Deez Nuts jokes to work, the other party in the conversation must be unaware you are planning something. The need for surprise makes Deez Nuts jokes require not only great linguistic dexterity but also impeccable timing. Get it wrong, and the whole joke falls apart at the seams.

Below are the 12 best Deez Nuts joke set-up points and their linguistic translations.

23. Bofa: Both of Deez Nuts.

24. Wendy’s: When these (Deez) Nuts.

25. Phil: Feel of Fill Deez Nuts.

26. Ligma: Lick my (Deez) Nuts.

27. Stigma: Stick my (Deez) Nuts.

28. Boyardee: Boy, are these (Deez) Nuts.

29. Imagine Dragons: Imagine dragging Deez Nuts.

30. Parody: Pair of these (Deez) Nuts.

31. CDs: See these (Deez) Nuts.

32. Pudding: Putting Deez Nuts.

33. Goblin: Gobbling Deez Nuts.

34. Norway: No way Deez Nuts.

6 Bofa joke styles for use on a rainy day

The Bofa joke is a Deez Nuts derivative that is used in a more limited capacity to get a laugh. Bofa is a crudely formed pun, often using Bofa to replace both of in a sentence. Most Bofa joke styles revolve around a bofa question being asked. Most of the time, Bofa jokes also include a Deez Nuts punchline.

Below are 6 Bofa joke styles that show the traditional setups for a joke.

35. You missed a bit of that Bofa on your cheek.
What’s Bofa?
Bofa Deez Nuts!

36. Have you seen the new tv show called Bofa?
No, what is it about?
Bofa Deez Nuts!

37. Knock knock
Who’s there?
Bofa who?
Bofa Deez Nuts in your face.

38. Do you want to see Bofa with me?
Who’s Bofa?
Bofa Deez Nuts

39. I saw Bofa downtown the other day.
Yes, Bofa Deez Nuts!

40. Would you?
What, would I what?
Would you fit Bofa Deez Nuts in your mouth?

3 Clever Deez Nuts name puns

Clever Deez Nuts name puns are a frequent form of practical joke used in prank calls and phony rollcalls. While classed as a joke, the Deez Nuts craze is more about pranking someone than the actual joke itself. The humor is in saying the punchline more than it is in the build-up or the larger story being told. A big part of Deez Nuts is using names as a means of punchline delivery.

Below are 3 examples of Deez Nuts name puns.

41. Let’s get some dinner at Wen-Deez Nuts.

42. Mahatma Ganh-Deez Nuts

43. Dee (z Nuts) Synder

4 Hilarious jokes like Deez Nuts

Hilarious jokes like Deez Nuts have spawned in their multitudes in recent years. As practical jokers look for new ways to get the same sort of laugh, using vulgar and often painfully blunt humor, the Deez Nuts trend has diversified. While the ever-growing collection of jokes like Deez Nuts don’t always contain the actual words, they are still placed in the general Deez Nuts category.

Below are 4 hilarious jokes like Deez Nuts that show the true diversity of this comedy style.

44. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Dooma who?
Doo-ma balls fit in ya mouth?

45. I’ve just started Penny Trading, and it’s awesome. Do you know what it is?
You trade for penny stocks?
No, I have been penny-trading your mom, but good guess.

46. I have a new pen pal called Sakon.
That’s a strange name; where are they from?
Sakon, my balls!

47. How do you pronounce amood spelled backward?
Doo-ma balls fit in ya mouth

3 Shockingly easy Ligma jokes

Ligma is a form of Deez Nuts related puns that works in the same way as Bofa jokes. While Ligma is a play on words in its own right, they have a specific association with Deez Nuts because of the vulgar connotations. You wouldn’t use a Ligma to help you tell a dark-humor joke. Ligma jokes have a pacing to them that mimics Deez Nuts, and together, they make a near-perfect pair.

Below are 3 easy examples of how a Ligma joke works.

48. It looks like you have a nasty case of Ligma
What’s Ligma?
Ligma balls!

49. Could you pass me some Ligma?
What’s Ligma?
Ligma my balls, please.

50. You gotta know how to Ligma if you want to stay here.
How do I do that?
Simple, you just gotta Ligma ass.

3 Do u like Wendy’s Deez Nuts joke ideas

The fast food chain Wendy’s lends itself perfectly to Deez Nuts jokes as they provide the pun and the punchline set up all in one hit. Wendy’s Deez Nuts joke offer few limits of combinations for you to play around within.

Below are 3 do u like Wendy’s Deez Nuts joke ideas that show the framework needed for a good joke.

51. Do you like Wendy’s?
Then you’ll love it when Deez Nuts are in your face.

52. Let’s go out for dinner.
How about Wendy’s?
When Deez Nuts get in your mouth.

53. People were mad at me for going to Wendy’s.
They got mad when Deez Nuts went on their face.

10 Popular Deez Nuts jokes from Reddit

Popular Deez Nuts jokes from Reddit offer a no holds barred look at an already risqué form of humor. Reddit has a robust user group and plenty of communities and forums where Deez Nuts jokes find their home. Traditionally, Deez Nuts jokes are better told than written down. Therefore, Reddit is a great source of material. Users are all too keen to share their stories and swap Deez Nuts experiences, both successes and failures.

Below are 10 great Deez Nuts Jokes That Reddit Users Loved the Most.

54. Excuse me, do you know how to spell “indeed”?
Yes, no problem. It’s I-N-D…
IN Deez Nuts!

55. Do you have any grabba?
Do you mean grappa?
No grabba Deez Nuts!

56. Who’s your favorite baseball team?
The New York Yankees.
Great, yank Deez Nuts for me.

57. Barbie’s Boyfriend is Kevin right?
No, it’s Ken.
Ken Deez Nuts fit in your mouth?

58. What is the secret to happiness?
Yep, when Deez Nuts slap you in the face.

59. I bet you don’t know where Norway is!
Of course, I do; get me a map.
Norway, you can resist Deez Nuts.

60. Hey, what’s 4*2? – 8. Why?
You eight Deez Nuts!

61. I love the ready meals from Chef Boyardee.
Chef Boyardee?
Yes, chef. Boy, are Deez Nuts enormous!

62. Do you like parodies?
Yes, sometimes.
Then you’ll love it when I give you a pair of Deez Nuts!

63. Can I ask you a question about Kenya?
Sure thing.
Kenya put Deez Nuts in your mouth?

10 Deez Nuts jokes TikTok

TikTok is offers a variety of low-brow Deez Nuts jokes that have seen a lot success. For example, one of the most famous Deez Nuts moments came from an Instagram video. While TikTok didn’t exist when Deez Nuts began to trend on Instagram, the platform is tailor-made to record Deez Nuts pranks and jokes. As a video-sharing platform, TikTok has plenty of Deez Nuts videos supplying laughter and inspiration for jokesters everywhere.

Below are 10 Deez Nuts Jokes TikTok introduced us to.

64. Let’s sit over there.
There on Deez Nuts.

65. Do you have UCD?
What’s UCD?
UC Deez Nuts!

66. I can’t believe that Sophia speaks Ligondese.
Yes, Lig-on-dese Nuts!

67. I’ve you some CDs.
Oh, cool, which ones?
C Deez Nuts.

68. Sometimes I miss cassette tapes.
Well, if you want, I cassette Deez Nuts on your face.

69. What kind of nuts flunk out of high school?
Deez nuts

70. Say DISNEY! But replace the EY with UTS.

71. Will you dress as a Goblin for Halloween?
Because you’re gonna be a Goblin of DEEZ NUTS!!

72. Guess what Bruce Jenner doesn’t want to have anymore?
Deez Nutz!

73. Hope is all we have.
What are you talking about?
Hope deez nuts can fit in your mouth.

6 Creative Pokémon Deez Nuts Jokes

Pokémon Deez Nuts jokes are a hybrid of crude humor and beloved anime but it’s a combination that makes sense in terms of the wordplay and scope. Mixing the crudeness of Deez Nuts with the relative innocence of Pokémon makes an awkward yet funny combination. Additionally, with hundreds of different Pokémon in the wild, there is a slew of possible Deez Nuts puns to find.

Below are 6 creative Pokémon Deez Nuts jokes to get you started. It’s now up to you to catch ‘em all.

74. What’s your favorite Pokémon?
Then come and Rhydon Deez Nuts!

75. What’s the most nervous Pokémon?
Bewear Deez Nuts!

76. How do you find out if hot girls like anime?
You Pokémon Deez Nuts.

77. What’s a dirty girl’s starter Pokémon?
Squirtle on Deez Nuts

78. Feeling Drowzee? Rest your head on Deez Nuts!

79. Did you just get beaten up by a Pokémon trainer?
Shut up!
He really Hitmontop Deez Nuts

4 Star Wars Deez Nuts jokes to share with friends

Star Wars Deez Nuts jokes are as close to an overpowered cultural combination as you are likely to find. The Star Wars franchise is part of the cultural zeitgeist, while Deez Nuts jokes hit home with the Millennial generation. The two subjects shouldn’t work together, yet, for some reason, they do. Star Wars Deez Nuts jokes highlight a more simplistic approach to Deez Nuts and highlight their versatility.

Below are 4 Star Wars Deez Nuts jokes that are perfect to share with your geeky friends.

80. Come to the Dark Side; we’ve got Deez Nuts!

81. What was Boba Fett always searching for?
Deez Nuts!

82. I’d like to get Princess Leia on Deez Nuts

83. Anakin got mad because he couldn’t handle the weight of… Deez Nuts

What is the origin of Deez Nuts?

The official origin of Deez Nuts lies in the hands of hip hop mogul Dr. Dre. Deez Nuts was the title of a track on his 1992 album Chronic. There are three key moments that contributed to the Deez Nuts craze. Firstly, Dr. Dre is responsible for bringing the term Deez Nuts into the public consciousness. The song lyrics set the framework from which all of the jokes stemmed. Secondly, Deez Nuts hit the mainstream back in 2015 thanks to social media figure WelvenDaGreat. WelvenDaGreat recorded himself pulling a Deez Nuts joke while on a phone call with his dad. Social Media jumped all over the video, sending it viral and birthing the Deez Nuts craze. Finally, during the 2016 US Presidential election, a 15-year-old managed to register Deez Nuts as an official presidential candidate. Ultimately, Deez Nuts placed third in the election race behind Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Can you buy Deez Nuts?

Yes, you can buy Deez Nuts, just don’t tell my wife. Buying Deez Nuts might be a dream to some, but thanks to social media and capitalism, Deez Nuts are very much available on the open market. You should prepare yourself for some very big decisions if you’re interested in buying Deez Nuts because there are a variety of options, not because Deez Nuts are so large you’ll struggle to lift them. Firstly, DEEZNUTS is a valid and operational cryptocurrency. The aim of Deez Nuts as a cryptocurrency is to raise awareness and proceeds for prostate cancer research, in addition to serving as a comedic release. Secondly, Deez Nuts are a hardcore Australian punk group. Incidentally, the band has been together since 2007, predating the surging pop culture trends. Thirdly, Deez Nutz is a part of the Feastables line of chocolates from the YouTube star, MrBeast. The Deez Nutz chocolates are a peanut butter filled milk chocolate bar from MrBeast’s candy venture. Not only is it possible to own Deez Nuts, but you are even able to share the experience with a whole venue full of people.

How do I make Deez Nuts jokes work every time?

You can make Deez Nuts jokes work every time by carefully picking your moments, rotating your victims to make sure you give nothing away in the buildup. Firstly, you can make Deez Nuts joke land every time by letting the jokes evolve from circumstantial situations. For example, don’t sit at home rehearsing your Deez Nuts jokes. Just go into any situation confident in your wit, speed, and ability to slip Deez Nuts into any situation. Secondly, you can make Deez Nuts jokes work every time by rotating your victims and acting as natural and conversational as you can. The more Deez Nuts jokes you tell, the harder it is to get away with them. Once people know you as a Deez Nuts joker, they prepare for the punchline and defend themselves.