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#Instacoolist Hits Instagram: Best of November 2014

For years now, I’ve been avoiding Instagram. Beyond my work as the publisher of, I moonlight as a commercial photographer for some pretty awesome brands. You’d think a new media dude who knows his way around a camera would find fertile ground on Instagram, right? But I’ve been avoiding Instagram, and my reasons were foolish, stubborn and short-sighted.

This month, I dove head first into Instagram with a now-active account, @instacoolist. I’ve decided to embrace the square format, the film emulation and instant gratification and share a peek into my day-to-day with all of you. Here’s a look at all the beautiful, interesting and incredible things I saw through my lens in November 2014: An #Instacoolist November.

It was a great month. Between two trips to Miami, one trip to Los Angeles and plenty of amazing things at home, there was no shortage of beauty for me to photograph. I hope you enjoy, and if you’re on Instagram, follow me and say hello!

#jameson on the rocks in studio.

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More #miami by bike, more #graffiti in Wynwood.

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TheCoolist.Com's Doberman-in-Chief celebrates a birthday in style.

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  1. Thanks TheCoolist, now you caused me to add Hollywood & Miami to my must do list! By the way, which model was the better behaved?