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Introducing the Beer of the Month Club


The arrival of our Beer of the Month Club package has become an exciting monthly ritual for us.  Around the beginning of each month, a package arrives on our doorstep containing 12 beers we’ve never seen, heard of or tasted before.  You can imagine our excitement: it’s like Christmas once a month, a bundle of joy wrapped in an unassuming layer of cardboard.  For nearly a year, we’ve subscribed to what we consider the best subscription a beer lover could have– a hands-on, first-person experience of a range of craft beers we may have never found otherwise.

We’re writing this to announce two things: 1) to introduce the Beer of the Month Club to you for yourself or as a gift for this holiday season, and 2) to launch a weekly beer review column here on TheCoolist, as sponsored by the Beer of the Month Club.  Starting this month, we’ll be reviewing a microbrewed beer from around the world once per week.  Some will come right out of the packages we receive from, others will be hand-selected by us at our local beer boutique.  We feel that fine, craft beer is a luxury in itself, and it makes logical sense for us to cover what we consider some of the greatest beers in the world.

For now, we suggest you head over to and take a look at their offering.  It is the perfect gift for the beer lover in your world, be that a friend, a family member or even yourself.  Packages start at $20.95 a month, each including twelve 12 oz. bottles of excellent beer from either domestic or international sources. 


Our sponsorship with BOMC works so that a portion of the revenue from each package purchased by our readers is shared back with us.  This allows us to continue paying for beer to review and to help cover the costs we incur in running this site.  This will never color our editorial voice on any of the beers we review– whether it’s good or bad, we’ll certainly say so.