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    GOAL! 9 Amazing Luxury Gifts for the Ultimate Soccer Fan
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GOAL! 9 Amazing Luxury Gifts for the Ultimate Soccer Fan

No matter your take on the sport, there is absolutely no mistake– people are fanatic about football for a reason.

Football fanatics and soccer addicts are die hard about their sport, no matter the name you prefer to give it. With the holiday season upon us in full strength, it is time to take your favorite football fan’s feelings into account. Just what can you do to truly make their holiday a real GOAL? 

These nine gifts are what will rock their world, if money is absolutely no object.

Nike Mercurial Carbon Fiber Soccer Shoes


Light as a feather, stiff as a board– this is the unspoken motto of the Nike Mercurial Carbon Fiber Soccer Shoes. These sleek-styled soccer kicks are built for low profile and high performance, giving their wearer the sensation of barefoot play with steel toe results. For the fashion-minded football fan, these kicks are as fresh as they are functional. Besides, their impact on your game is more psychological than it is measureable– they’ll have your competitors staring at your feet instead of the ball as you dribble right on by…

Klas Ernflo Fabric Soccer Balls


While this article is focused on giving thanks to the soccer fans in our lives, the Klas Ernflo Fabric Soccer Balls are seriously sweet enough to gift to our non-football friends. It is items as fresh as this one that turns our Clark Kent friends into Soccer Superheroes, a high-design play toy that’ll bring out the Beckham in the best of us. They’re available in a range of patterns, but the tartan above has our name all over it– just beautiful!

Soccer Field Area Rug


What’s a football fanatic’s man room without one of these as its centerpiece? If a rug really “ties the room together”, imagine what this one can do for your favorite soccer buddy. The Soccer Field Area Rug is a small-scale model of the traditional soccer field, one that’ll both keep their floors comfortable and provide for impromptu (albeit size-challenged) soccer play at the drop of a hat.

Soccer Goal Posts


Honestly, the greatest gift you can give a soccer fan is the game itself. If you’re going to do that, however, you must do it right– leave your traffic cones aside, you must have a regulation-friendly soccer goal post. These Soccer Goals are all you need to get a pickup or pro-am game going in your own back yard (assuming you’ve got a ball on hand). It’s not real association soccer unless you can play up to the rules, and this gift will make your football friend feeling like a pro in the home court of their own back yard.

soccer-goal-posts_3 soccer-goal-posts_2 soccer-goal-posts_1

FIFA 2010 by EA Sports


For those of us who aren’t quite coordinated enough to put the ball between the goal posts, there’s always a chance to score in the virtual world. EA Sports, who made games like NBA 2K and Madden NFL famous, has offered up FIFA 2010 as the latest iteration of the sporting giant’s soccer simulator. This game gives world class graphics and immersive game play to the soccer lover in your life– be that a friend, family member or you, yourself.

Nike Mercurial Carbon Fiber Shin Guards


If you’ve played enough soccer, you know full well that shin guards are no joke. Not only are they necessary, but they can be cumbersome. If you want a pair that’ll keep your knees and ankles in step without holding you back, go hard– and go carbon. The Nike Mercurial Carbon Fiber Shin Guards are as light and hard as they come, giving you the best of both worlds while you drive, kick, score and defend. Note, however, these guards will not stop bullets. Next step? Kevlar shin guards. Sign me up!

ADIDAS Predator x David Beckham Gold Soccer Shoes


Fans of Man U, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy will recognize these kicks for their prime wearer. The ADIDAS Predator x David Beckham Gold Soccer Shoes are worn by the soccer superstar of the same name. David Beckham has rocked these golden kicks in high competition, the mark of one of the world’s most reknown soccer players. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that these shoes are bad ass. Even our non-soccer friends drool over this pair…

Football Hero Soccer Video Game Mod

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t something you can pick up at your local sporting goods store. Accessible or not, the Football Hero Soccer Video Game Mod is 100% amazing. Anything that joins our two favorite pastimes– soccer and video games– is worth paying close attention to. If you’ve got access to the sensor pads needed to make this happen (not to mention the warehouse space), you will give your soccer fan friend the game of their lifetime by setting up this one for ’em.

“The Beautiful Game” Foosball Table


If you’re like me, playing on the soccer field is an almost certain embarrassment. “The Beautiful Game” Foosball Table makes our quirkly play look pretty, thanks to a high design aesthetic and a beautiful representation of this already beautiful game. Foosball has been a hit parlor game, fraternity franchise and barroom mainstay, so its about time this classic gets reborn with the absolute ultimate in luxury design. Honestly, have you ever seen a game table that is as pretty as this one? Neither have we…

Thanks for reading, fellow cool addicts. We love us some football here at TheCoolist, and had to share a few gifts for those who are as addicted as we are. If you have any suggestions for great luxury gifts for football lovers, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks again for reading!