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    Jean Dunand Palace Watch
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Jean Dunand Palace Watch

The Jean Dunand Palace Watch is a clear homage to the industrial revolution, a time at the turn of the last century that birthed the automobile, the airplane, skyscrapers and cinema alike.  The face of Dunand’s Palace Watch features exposed mechanics, the spinning wheels and framework reminiscent of the steam-powered industry of the past.  On the left side, an oval track displays GMT, while the mirrored right track shows the status of the watch’s 72-hour time reserve.  The center of the timepiece displays the hours, minutes and seconds, joining the rest of its interior for a busy-yet-refined approach that makes steampunk sexy.  As with other Jean Dunand watches, the Palace Watch is an unique build, one crafted by hand for each lucky owner.  [jean dunand via hodinkee]

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