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Lotus Evora S Revealed

Lotus has given new shape to the Evora line of sports cars, namely with the new Lotus Evora S and Evora IPS.  The new Lotus Evoras were unveiled ahead of the Paris Motor Show, building on the success of the Evora model that is amongst Lotus’ more recent endeavors.  The new Lotus Evora S adds 69 hp over the earlier Evora, dropping the 0-60 acceleration time to 4.8 seconds.  On the top end, the Evora S will hit 172 mph if given the pavement.  Beyond that, the new Lotus Evora S adds a new transmission technology and stabilization system, boosting its performance on the road and track.  No word yet on price, but we’re willing to wager that this new British beauty will hit the market for less than a high-end Beemer.  [lotus]

Lotus Evora S Gallery