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MB&F HM5 RT Watch

MB&F‘s stunning jump hour timepiece, the MB&F HM5, is back with a new edition in red gold, the HM5 RT.  This limited-edition timepiece is inspired by the speed racers of the 60s and 70s, the instrument panels of mid-century sports cars.  The RT offers a stylish step forward from the original HM5, this one replacing the stainless steel interior with titanium, and opting for a red gold case.  66 of the MB&F HM5 RT will be produced, and it’ll cost you nearly $100k to bring one home.  You’ll be buying a rare gem in the watch world, a progressive timepiece with a bold streak of nostalgia.  That’s at the heart of what MB&F does.

MBandF HM5 RT 1

MBandF HM5 RT 3

MB&F HM5 RT Watch | Gallery


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