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Net Blow-Up – Installation Playspace

A playful work of exhibition architecture is currently making its way around Europe and AsiaNet, the Blow-Up project by Numen and ForUse.  This inflatable installation playspace features a large bulbous shell that contains a series of interwoven nets inside.  Guests are welcomed to climb, explore and play within the bright and airy interior, bouncing in an alien “bouncy castle” for adults.  The interior nets are attached to different points on the inflatable exterior shell which, when fully inflated, act as structural supports — a sort of elastic suspension system.  The nets are designed to hold the weight and activity of a small group of guests at a time, yielding a fun and illusory netted playscape. Net Blow-Up can be deflated and packed into a smaller unit for storage and transit, just like a typical inflatable play structure that are commonly available around the world.  It’s a fun and exciting project by Numen and ForUse, a collaboration we hope to see more of in the future.  [via vizkultura and notcot]
Net Blowup by Numen and ForUse 3 600x400 Net Blow Up   Installation Playspace
Net Blowup by Numen and ForUse 6 600x397 Net Blow Up   Installation Playspace
Net Blowup by Numen and ForUse 1
Net Blowup by Numen and ForUse 5

Net Blowup – Installation Playspace | Gallery

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