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MB&F Rebel Watch

Maximilian Busser and Friends have unveiled a new timepiece built upon the HM3 machine, the MB&F Rebel Watch.  Why is this watch rebellious, you ask?  The “r” in rebel stands for right hand, the “b” for black case.  This isn’t your standard watch, it is designed to be worn on the right, leaving your left hand free to firmly give the middle finger to the establishment.

This blacked-out time machine features a raised pair of dials that show the hour, minute and time of day, plus a clear case that exposes that sexy machine within.  That ticker is none other than the Horological Machine No. 3, the device that also powers the MB&F Frog Watch.  36 functional jewels and 304 components make up No. 3’s movement, making this watch as complex per square inch as your average Lamborghini or Learjet.

We’re not good at keeping the secret of just how much we favor MB&F watches, and this one is no exception.  See Mr. Busser himself pictured below, preparing to smash a guitar and rock out with watch guru Laurent Picciotto.  Keep up the good work, Maximilian– we’ll keep on saving our pennies to one day wrap an MB&F around our wrist.

MB&F ReBel Watch Gallery