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    Mini Cooper Savile Row Edition
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Mini Cooper Savile Row Edition

While we might be a bit partial to the Lamborghinis, the Aston Martins and the Bugattis of the world, we’d be foolish not to openly admit our respect for the Mini.  When it comes to automobiles (or anything, for that matter), if you’re going to go small– best do it in style.  The new Mini Cooper Savile Row edition is the coolest kind of style for the coolest brand of small.  This blacked out little beast takes the Mini style and gives it the bespoke fashion treatment of Savile Row, London.  While they will be limited to only 20 units (with a price of $35k USD), the won’t be for sale on either side of the pond.  The Mini Savile Row will be for sale only to Mini fans in the Japanese market.  Hey, is there a better way to openly cruise the cramped streets of downtown Tokyo?  Likely not.  [mini via autoblog]

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