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Modular Lounge Chair by Balint Kormos

This modern modular lounge chair is not designed to be a stationary object, but a transforming piece of furniture art that changes shape on a whim.  The frame of this lounge chair folds upon itself into seven different seating positions including the arm chair shown above and the chaise lounge and bench chair below. Designer Balint Kormos crafted this chair as his diploma work for the University of West Hungary, which was presented to the Hungarian Design Awards in the Museum of Applied Arts.

The chair features five frame sections with interwoven rope and leather cushion pads.  The frame itself is made of a dark-stained wood and connected with brass hinges.  This hinges allow for quick folding between positions, allowing its occupant to change the layout to their desired shape.  The design itself feels more classic than contemporary, but the functionality of the design gives it a modern classification.  The ease of its personalization and the rarity of its offering make it more of a room centerpiece than a mere addition, a work of furniture art in itself.

Kormos has not mass-produced this chair, nor is there any news of future production as yet.  Having created this as a student project, we’re hoping that Kormos’ career brings many more modular and modern furniture designs to the market.  Nice work, Balint!

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