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    The E-Wolf Electric Car Concept
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The E-Wolf Electric Car Concept


If you’re looking for an internal combustion supercar, your options are pretty varied.  Try and take an electric route, you’ll find yourself choosing between a McLaren you can’t afford, a Tesla that underperforms or a Fisker that looks like a mentally handicapped BWM Z8.  A new player on the scene has promised a new, stronger, sexier option in their E-Wolf Electric Car Concept.  The E-Wolf E1 Electric Car Concept features a carbon-fiber body with a nasty focus on aerodynamics (why the grille scoop though, does this thing really need air?), as well as an AC induction motor with plenty of juice.  The E-Wolf E1 can crush 60mph in less than 5 seconds on its way to 143 mph on the high end.  Okay, that might not compete with your average ICE Supercar, but still, this one runs on clean electricity and nothing more.  Can you beat that with a stick?  A stick-shift, maybe.


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