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    Novation LaunchPad Music Control Surface
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Novation LaunchPad Music Control Surface


Since the inception of computer-based music production, the creation of sound has become a visual undertaking.  With the release of the Novation LaunchPad Music Control Surface, making music just got a whole lot prettier– and easier to control.  The Novation LaunchPad was designed to interface with the Ableton Live music production software, the tool of choice of electronic music producers and other computer-assisted artists.  This device allows its users to cue, control and modulate the sound, synth, sample and effect units in Ableton Live’s music environment.  If you’re confused, whether you’re a musician or not, just watch the video below and you’ll see precisely what this thing can do.  Novation, you’ve infected us with a deadly case of gear lust…  We want.  [novation via createdigitalmusic]



Novation LaunchPad Gallery

Novation LaunchPad Intro Video