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    Moustache Mug by Peter Bruegger
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Moustache Mug by Peter Bruegger


Why waste time growing that mustache you’ve been planning for so many years– when you can put it on and take it off at will?  Such must have been the inspiration for Peter Bruegger, designer of the Moustache Mug.  Be you villain, hero, kung fu fighter, dictator or Charlie Chaplin, this mug provides a perfect facial hair compliment to that lovely face of yours.  Granted, these aren’t your cheap, throw-away coffee mugs– these are 100% fine bone china.  Overkill?  Hell no.  Lift this up to your face, you’ve got an authentic moustache and the coolest coffee mug your co-workers will ever see. [$20 at peteribruegger via designboom]



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